Why we think Roller Shades are Rad and why you should too!

Roller shades or window coverings in general are rarely referred to as “rad”. 

In thinking about why window shades are rad, it was necessary to do some research to confirm that this is an appropriate word for describing how we at SelectBlinds feel about roller shades.

Aaron Gilbreath in his article, “A Brief History of the Word Rad”.

Confirmed! Rad is the right word for how we feel and here’s why:

They are easy!

Given we are a DIY company, we try to keep all of our solutions at SelectBlinds easy but roller shades tend to be easier than most. Rollers are very streamlined and minimal in design so there aren’t a lot of parts to fiddle with. They have one piece of material that moves in a simple up-and-down rolling motion in comparison to the traditional wood blind with its cords, ladders, and slats. If you choose a cordless lift option, which is usually FREE at SelectBlinds, they are so easy to open. Just pull down from the bottom of the shade a little bit and they roll right up.

They are affordable!

According to Forbes, the most common window size is 32” W x 54” H. At this size, roller blinds can start at just $50 and depending on how custom you want to make your options it can go up from there.

They can be customized!

Window treatments are commonly an afterthought, but given how much they offer the home – they shouldn’t be. You can customize your roller shades appearance and functionality to create an environment that offers just the right privacy, comfort and ambiance you are looking for. 

With hundreds of different colors and materials available, you can choose between light filtering and blackout material depending on how light or dark you want your room to be. There are various styles of headrails, which is what we call the part of the shade that contains the mechanism that allows the shade to move. You can decide if you want to go with a more industrial look by choosing an exposed roll or go the classic route by selecting a cassette with a fabric insert or possibly a complimenting color or metal finish to hide the roll.

Now to customizing your lift system! SelectBlinds prefers cordless options for the safety of kids and pets. Motorization makes roller shades extra rad and so we deem it our ultimate favorite cordless lift option – especially when you upgrade to a smart hub and automate the timing through an app on your phone. Imagine waking up with your shades timed to open at sunrise … that’s rad! If you are more of a traditionalist, we offer corded options as well.

Here are a few of our favorite roller shades and why:

The Classic Vinyl Roller Shade

This shade is super affordable and can look very chic. If motorization is important but you don’t want to break the bank, choosing this shade is the less expensive option but still allows automation with a smart hub.

The Motorized Architect Blackout Roller

This shade is for that person that always wants the newest, top of the line technology gadget. Everything about this shade is rad. Motorization is baked in and is powered by Eve MotionBlindsTM Motors in tandem with Apple HomeKitTM technology. 

The Modern Architect Roller

This shade is amazing because of its unique appearance. The fabric has been sustainably procured and has very interesting patterns that create a textural aesthetic while remaining modern and sleek.

We can go on and on, but this is why roller shades are rad. They are easy, affordable, and can be customized to the max! They’re modern and streamlined, not your grandmother’s shades back in the day. If you’re not convinced that roller shades are rad, call one of our Design Consultants. It’s FREE and they are super easy to talk to! Call (888) 257-1840. 

Be Rad!

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