What’s Better? Wood Shutters or Vinyl Shutters?

Woman smiling out of her Classic Faux Wood Shutters in Cotton
Classic Faux Wood Shutters in Cotton

Transform your house with the unsurpassed style of shutters! For centuries, they’ve been the epitome of elegance. They evolved from their static, marble construction back in ancient Greece to the moveable, wood and vinyl variations we know today.

Vinyl can also be interchanged with faux wood or poly. For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to use the term “faux wood.” Both real wood and faux wood shutters feature operable, moveable louvers, so you can control the amount of light coming through. But which variation is the best for your home: wood or faux wood? Let’s break it down!

Real Wood Look

Unlike faux wood blinds, the PVC material for faux wood shutters does not mimic the real wood look. Instead, it is a solid color throughout the frame and louvers. Only wood shutters will have natural wood grain markings.

Moisture Resistant

To retain longevity, real wood shutters shouldn’t be placed in rooms that are often exposed to moisture. For rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, faux wood would be best with its moisture-resistant material.

Variety of Colors

Faux wood shutters have limited color choices, and they come in white, off-white or creams. Real wood has more options for staining, ranging from a golden tones to espresso browns.

Stained Linden Wood Shutters in Lyptus in a dining room
Stained Linden Wood Shutters in Lyptus


Both types of shutters are extremely durable and can last several years with the proper care.


Anything real costs more, and the same is true here. While both are on the pricier side of window coverings, real wood shutters cost more than faux wood.

Insulation Benefits

Real wood and faux wood window coverings are great insulator against the heat and cold.

Increase Property Value

Shutters provide unsurpassed style and quality to a home. This classic design improves your curb appeal, and as fixed sale assets, they increase your home’s property value.

Neutral Clear View Poly Shutters in Ivory Parchment in dining room
Neutral Clear View Poly Shutters in Ivory Parchment

It’s Your Call!

Real wood and faux wood shutters have their fair share of pros and cons, so the choice is really up to you! Either way, you’re gracing your windows with unparalleled quality. Order free samples to see the difference and find your favorite color! Select up to 15 free samples per day.

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