What Types of Blinds Lifts Are There?

Man on living room couch using remote control operated window blinds

Think past the the common, outdated dangling cords associated with window blinds. It’s time to live in the present! At SelectBlinds, we have three main Cordless Lift types, or categories: motorized, wireless and cordless.

Cordless window coverings are stylish, practical and, most importantly, they are the safest lift choice for homes with small children and pets. It’s why we became the first custom window covering company to go cordless on all products in March 2016! When choosing your blinds, see what lift options are available for your product.


The motorized wand is attached to the headrail and has two buttons – one to raise the window covering and one to lower it.

Remote control dual shade

The remote control option is perfect if you want to operate a single shade or multiple shades from across the room.

The motorized pull wand acts similarly to a ceiling fan pull cord. Pull the wand down briefly to move the shade in one direction, pull again to stop it, and pull a third time to move it in the other direction.


Everything else is automated. Why not your windows? While the shades come with a motorized pull wand, it also has the option to utilize Bluetooth to pair with your phone, Alexa, Google and Apple products and operate with voice control.


Classic Cordless Woven Wood Shade

Classic Cordless: Operate these with ease by simply push up and pull down on the bottom rail.

Cordless Lift & Lock™: When you press and hold the button, you can move the blind up and down to your preferred position. To lock it into place, simply let go of the button.

Easy Lift and Tilt: These blinds won’t go up until you grab the bottom rail to lift and tilt it.

Pull Tassle Lift: A tassel hangs closely to the bottom rail so there are no dangerous, long cords. Pull it down and let it raise the blinds automatically.

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up: These shades can be raised and lowered from the top and the bottom for privacy and light control. Lift the bottom rail to raise, and pull to lower. If you choose a Lift & Lock™ system, both rails will have a push button.

Want to talk through these three cordless lift categories? We’re happy to help! Chat with one of our Design Consultants, or call them at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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