How to Make the Most of Old Mini Blinds

Time to replace those saggy, baggy, cracked and faded aluminum or vinyl venetians?  Before you consign them to the trash bin, consider some of these fun, practical, incredibly clever and crafty ways to repurpose, reclaim and recycle old or broken minis. Here are just a few ideas.

Paint hacks. From the experts at This Old House, use a mini blind slat as a paint edger instead of painter’s tape.  Then bend a small piece of slat in half to scoop out the extra paint in the edge of the paint can to neatly pour it back in the can.

Photo credit: Ian Spanier | Courtesy of This Old House
Photo by Ian Spanier, Courtesy of This Old House

Slim Jim. No, you don’t want to eat them like the snack, but you can use old mini slats as an access tool. Save a few to slide between cabinets or under furniture to retrieve hard-to-reach items, like the cat’s toy that just rolled under the bed.

Table scraper. Brush crumbs off tabletops and other surfaces smoothly and neatly with the flat edge of a mini slat.

Tape pull. Many a fingernail has been lost trying to find and pick off the tape end and pulling off a straight piece. Problem solved by cutting a slat to the width of the roll and taping it on the end.

Photo credit: Ian Spanier | Courtesy of This Old House
Photo by Ian Spanier, Courtesy of This Old House

Tomato tag. Write the name of herbs, veggies and other plants or seeds on a piece of the mini slat with a waterproof marker to make garden markers. Make two diagonal cuts on one end to form a point and stake it in the soil.

Get crafty. Pinterest has a plethora of amazing things you can make from minis, from fashions to seasonal decorations, light fixtures, even original works of art. Grab your glue gun and go!

Photo credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun
We love a couple ideas A Girl and a Glue Gun had. She took old mini slats, trimmed the edges and hot-glued them to the back of a mirror.  She simply painted the ones below and added a unique peacock motif.
Photo credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun
Photos courtesy of A Girl and a Glue Gun
Photo Credit: Tina Crosby | Courtesy of Family Handyman
Here’s a great idea for a kool kid craft — mini blinds bookmarks! Cut mini slats to size and have kids decorate with paints, stickers, etc. Just add a decorative tie through the old pre-drilled cord hole and voila! Great for gift giving. Photo by Tina Crosbie, courtesy of Family Handyman.

Donate them. If you’re just tired of your old aluminums and ready for a new window treatment, instead of throwing them out, consider donating them to an organization like Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill. Some scrap metal and recycling centers also take them.

How have you used old window treatments? Leave a comment and let us know!

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