Warming Hearts with Holiday Hearths

Show your Christmas love with heart ornaments.
Photo courtesy of Julie Lancia, The Design Twins

Nothing says the holidays like family and friends gathered in front of a roaring fire. Adding to the warmth are mantels and hearths adorned not just with carefully hung stockings, but decorations rich with family tradition, touches of nature and perhaps imaginings of Christmases yet to come.

I’ve never had a home with a fireplace to decorate, but I’ve always been enchanted by — and a little jealous of — my friends who do, so here are a few ideas to welcome ole St. Nick as he emerges from the chimney. I bet with festive fireplaces like these he’d forget all about the milk and cookies!

My friend Julie recently posted this amazing pic of her fireplace on FB. (Wish I had room to share all of the pictures of her beautifully decorated home she took.) Is that not one of the most incredible collections of nutcrackers you’ve ever seen? They are her son’s, she told me. Her sister started it by giving him his first for his first birthday, which is just a few days before Christmas. He turns 17 this year, and with other friends and family taking his aunt’s lead, now has more than 80, which Julie lovingly displays each year. (I think she’s going to have to find a bigger mantel soon!)

Photo by Julie Drzewicki Rubis
Photo by Julie Drzewicki Rubis

One of our favorite Inspiring Decorators here at SelectBlinds.com is Cynthia Harper. This season the owner of Esty shop Harper and Arrow decided to use vintage brass candlesticks on her mantel, grouping them together to make the most visual impact.

“Every year I like to incorporate at least one vintage item on my mantel,” she says. “I believe vintage items connect us with Christmases past, and they remind us of those who’ve lives were lived before ours.”

She also suggests incorporating natural elements from outdoors, things like fresh greenery, eucalyptus and wooden branches, to add warmth and texture.

Photo credit Design Twins

We also asked The Design Twins, Jodie Kammerer and Julie Lancia, how they were sprucing up hearth and home.

“Keeping with tradition this year,” Julie said, “I decided to return to a classic palette of green and red. Large poinsettias flank doorways, simple evergreen boughs frame archways, banisters and doors. Unadorned small Christmas trees in baskets are found in almost every room, making the house feel like an evergreen forest. Bright red comfy pillows and thick woven blankets invite friends to grab a cup of cocoa and sit awhile next to the roaring fire. It’s fun to finish with details like red boots and a traditional sled adorned with evergreen and vintage skates. These pieces add charm and character to the holiday scene. Now it’s time to sit back and let the festivities begin!”

Photos courtesy of Julie Lancia, The Design Twins

Photos courtesy of Julie Lancia, The Design Twins
Photos courtesy of Julie Lancia, The Design Twins

How do you decorate your holiday fireplace? Please share your favorite ideas with us in the comments here on The Blinds Spot! We’d love to hear from you!

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