Thinking About an Outdoor Summer Entertainment Space? Reasons to Consider Outdoor Solar Shades

Motorized blinds or shades, for the interior or exterior, add an extra touch of elegance coupled with convenience to your daily use. Motorization (or automation) upgrades allow you to raise and lower your shades with just the touch of the button – automation lets you pre-program them to open and close at certain times, or under certain conditions, so that you don’t even need to think about it. Motorized blinds and shades are also kid- and pet-friendly, to keep your little ones (and furry ones) safe, while you keep your outdoor space uncluttered.

Motorization is not just for convenience within reach, it’s also an excellent solution for blinds and shades installed high up (like for skylights or tall windows), or for anyone at home who may need assistance due to limited mobility. No more stretching, struggling with heavy blinds or shades, or step-ladders.

Consider the Following to Cover Your Outdoor Spaces With Exterior Solar Shades

Whenever the heat of summer arrives and the sun begins beckoning us outside for lounging and pool time, custom exterior solar shades are the perfect way to:

  • Keep cool
  • Block out harsh UV rays
  • Maintain privacy
  • Protect your outdoor furniture from fading and other sun damage

Custom outdoor solar shades are made of durable PVC material, that reflects light and heat away from the shade, allowing you the convenience not only of keeping cool and private, but also of maintaining your outward view.

Exterior solar shades can come in a wide variety of lift styles, but because of their width and exposure to the elements, the safest, and easiest to install, are roller-style exterior solars. Sun shades for outdoor spaces have varying degrees of UV blockage, so you can discover the perfect amount of sunlight you want to filter through. Solar shades offer 1%, 3%, 5%, 8%, 10% and 14% levels of openness to enjoy your convenient motorized solar shades. In some parts of the country, exterior shade isn’t even an option, it’s a necessity (like sunblock). The only thing better than cool custom exterior solar shades, are motorized or automated exterior solar shades!

Keep in mind: 1% Openness= 99% of Harmful UV Rays Blocked = Option that offers the most shade.

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations

To help you meet all your outdoor shade and privacy needs during the long, hot poolside days of summer, we recommend:

Lifestyle Motorized Outdoor Shade

Get the best of customized exterior solar shade protection, as well as the convenience of motorization, with the convenience and ease-of-use these motorized exterior solar shades offer. They include a gorgeous oil-rubbed valance and cable tie-downs!

Motorization specifications:

  • Standard motorization features a 15-channel remote, including one CR2430 battery, that can power up to fifteen (15) individual or fifteen groups of window treatments.
  • Remote range will function inside up to 65 ft away from shade and outside up to 656 ft away from shade.
  • A full battery charge can last up to 6 months based on an average-sized shade raised and lowered once daily.

Remember, you can get your shades custom-crafted for just about any size you might need for your outdoor space coverage, up to 10 feet wide and up to 8 feet high.

More “DIY” To Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

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With custom window treatments easily and smartly installed, you can help turn your outdoor patio area into a calm, cool sanctuary to enjoy when it’s scorching outside.

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