The Ways Easy Home Automation Makes Your Life Better

We get to live in a day when watching impressive new technological advances has become commonplace. Easy home automation and “smart homes” are among those perks we’ve gotten to observe and enjoy. No more analog plug-in cords or clunky jerry-rigged workarounds. Home automation is all right there at the touch of a button, and it can even travel with us in our phones to be operated from just about anywhere in the world.  

What Is Easy Home Automation?

Easy home automation, also known as smart home technology, generally references devices, appliances, systems, etc., that interconnect via a common network–these devices can be remotely controlled individually, as well as in unison. You might also be familiar with the term “connected home,’ where your home’s lights, garage door, thermostat, security cameras, audio system, etc., are synced and automated through your home network. Yes, even your window blinds and shades can be motorized and automated, so you don’t even have to remember to put that task on your to-do list. Use your smart phone to operate them and automate them as suits your personal needs best.

Enjoy your life and time with your favorite people with unprecedented ease and convenience. One built-in benefit of smart home technology is that it is constantly being updated and upgraded. Imagine the possibilities!

Advantages of Easy Home Automation to Help You Get More Out of Life

Instead of thinking of keeping up with smart home technology updates as an end in and of itself, or as a way to “show off” by keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, consider a few of the impressive and practical aspects of home automation as benefits for you and your household. Easy home automation allows you to:

  1. Maximize Home Security.
    As mentioned, you can incorporate your home security system into your smart home network. In regard to window coverings, you can manage your privacy (and your own peace of mind) easily and quickly by programming your blinds and/or shades to raise and lower at the same time of day, or whenever you need them to. Forget whether or not you closed the blinds in your child’s room before leaving the house? Just check them on your phone, no matter where you are in the world. You can also receive notifications if something unexpected is going on in your child’s room or anywhere else in your home. The potential for home security automation is endless.  
  2. Increase Energy Efficiency.
    Opportunities for efficient use of energy are also boundless using smart home technology. Manage the heating and cooling of your home via your phone, including the aforementioned ability to manage the raising and lowering of your window coverings to darken and cool rooms on demand. Program your smart thermostat to learn your schedule and home temperature favorites, and receive recommendations for how to improve your home’s energy efficiency settings. Have your home as cool or warm as you prefer before you come home, and have your house lit up with all blinds / shades shut to help you feel more secure upon your arrival. You can maximize your control over your energy expenditures using smart home technology. 
  3. Ease of Incorporating New Appliances and Devices. One impressive aspect of easy smart home automation is its ability to implement new appliances, window covering technologies, and devices as part of your smart home network. No matter how updated your devices and appliances are, you’ll likely feel the need to continue updating as time goes on. Integrating new devices, appliances, etc. only makes the process much easier and more seamless. 

Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology

We’ve shared a few benefits of living in a smart automated home, but the possibilities and benefits are endless. Home automation developers are constantly in a race to outdo one another in meeting consumer needs, and that is only of benefit to you as a homeowner. Find out for yourself how much easier and enjoyable smart home technology can make your life! 

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations for Your Easy Home Automation Needs

How about some SelectBlinds staff recommendations for you to start enjoying the convenience and benefits of smart home automation? 

SelectBlinds staff loves offering up our selections from our different product tiers for you, to offer you excellent, customizable design solutions for any taste and budget. We’ve offered some recommendations below, but we have countless customizable solutions available for you. Spend some time window shopping to see what we have to offer!

2” Room Darkening Sheer Shades (Signature Tier)*

Diffuse up to 99% of UV rays with the quality sun-control fabric in these sheer window coverings. Use with cordless lift or an optional motorized lift on taller windows.

*Our Signature Tier products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Made with durable materials, Signature Tier products are the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution that is also affordable.

Motorized Architect Light Filtering Roller (Premium Tier)*

You won’t need a WiFi hub for this one-of-a-kind ease of operation and modern, high-quality design – meet SelectBlinds’ stylish motorized light filtering roller shades powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ motors.

Motorized Architect Blackout Roller (Premium Tier)*

Hard to find better room darkening fabrics in such an eye-catching selection of colors for convenient function and timeless style. Powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ motors. All the benefits of home automation without the use of a WiFi hub! 

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

Your Easy Automated Home Calls for the Best Customized Solutions

Our philosophy has long held that DIY Design was never meant to be done “ALL by Yourself.” For your dream home’s design, whether for indoors our outside in your back patio, we’re here to help. 

Nothing makes an outdoor patio oasis more enjoyable than attractive bamboo or exterior solar shades to keep the harmful UV rays out of your face, while keeping your patio or deck area cool. SelectBlinds is all about supporting you, all the way from start to finish. We offer you all the helpful resources you’ll need to make your life (and projects) easier, because your success is our success! Make your dream home ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it, without breaking your budget. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you will save plenty of money and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something special. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

Free Samples. Free Shipping. Free Design Consulting. Every Day.

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