The Solution to Sunny Days: Four Benefits of Choosing Solar Shades

Clean living room with three Nomad Solar Screens
Nomad Solar Screen in Misty Lace 7%

Solar shades are one of our favorite window coverings for bright sunny days because of their distinct openness percentage feature. Openness refers to the tightness of the fabric weave, which is an indication of the percentage of light that can pass through.

A low percentage (i.e. 1-5%) means the fabric is tightly woven, and less light will go through. A high number (i.e. 14%) has a looser fabric weave which allows more light in. SelectBlinds solar shades range from 1% to 14%. This feature allows for multiple benefits, like the ones below!

1. Solar Shades Allow an Outside View

Depending on the exact shade you choose, you can keep them drawn and still see outside. With a low openness, the outward visibility through the shade is limited. However, a high openness percentage provides more visibility, and choosing a darker color can improve your visibility to the outside.

Left: Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solars in Black 3%; Right: Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solars in Black 14%

It’s important to note that even with a 1% transparency, solar shades are not always able to provide privacy because they reflect light. During the day, the interior solar shade blocks a view into your home from the outside while allowing you to see from the inside out.

The effect is reversed during the evening. The shades reflect the lights in your home, which blocks your outward view and allows visibility from outside the home. If privacy is a concern, we recommend layering them with curtains or drapery.

Minimal living room with Classic Sheer Weave Solar Shades
Classic Sheer Weave Solars in Black 5%

2. Solar Shades Block UV Rays

Keep your family healthy and your furniture from being damaged by direct sunlight! Remember, the percentage is referring to how much sunlight, or UV rays, that are able to pass through the shade.

For example, a 10% solar shade is going to block 90% of the UV rays and let 10% through. A 1% solar shade will block 99% of the UV rays and let 1% through.

Fancy outdoor patio with a Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solar Shade in Light Sandstone 1%
Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solars in Light Sandstone 1%

3. Solar Shades Reduce Heat

Because solar shades block out UV rays from passing through them, they’re great at reducing heat. In the hot weather months, interior solar shades can reduce incoming heat by 30 to 70 percent, which will help decrease energy costs.

4. Solar Shades Reduce Glare

Solar shades are perfect for media rooms, offices, and home theaters because they eliminate glare on televisions, computer screens, and phones. While a tighter weave prevents more incoming light, a high openness percentage still provides decent coverage. Plus, choosing a lighter color can reduce more glare.

Premier Modern Solar Screen in Blue Slate 5%

Here Comes the Sun – And Solar Shades!

Solar shades are ideal for the interior or exterior of a home. They allow an outside view, block UV rays, and reduce heat and glare. To learn more about solar shades, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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