The Best Dining Room Window Treatments for Holiday Gatherings

Dining rooms are frequently considered the most elegant room in any home. Austere furniture, stately chandeliers, and intricate place settings are common mainstays of the place where families and friends gather for daily meals as well as for holiday dinners. 

Maybe you prefer more practical but still attractive window covering options for rooms that visitors won’t see (like bedrooms, nurseries, or home offices), but admit it: your dining room is a key centerpiece of your home. A place to help guests feel pampered and included. Make a beautiful and bold statement with this special room in all its fine details, including those must-have finishing touches, like attractive window treatments. 

Find window treatments for your dining room that are well-constructed, practical, and that offer up plenty of WOW-factor.

What is the Trend for Window Treatments in 2022?

Start by considering which direction the windows you’re covering are facing. How much light control will you need? What size are your dining room windows? How much privacy do you prefer? 

Then think about your priorities are in regard to entertaining: Accenting your interior décor? A warmer, more natural feel? More contemporary interior design? 

What about color? Keep the following in mind as you are trying to bring your dining room’s look together.

  • Bolder shades to make a statement: i.e., chocolate tones, navy blue, peach
  • Natural hues to bring nature closer: i.e., greens, browns, purples, and blues
  • Neutral tones to add a softening effect: i.e., especially shades of white and beige

Here are some suggestions for helping make your holiday socializing experiences unforgettable:

Best Window Treatments for the Dining Room

Help set the mood for your holiday meals with the following style tips.

Roman Shades: Contemporary and Classic Versatility

Roman shades are a classic, yet versatile option and can offer a full look to your windows. They are a fashionable alternative to longer window treatments offering the best functionality of a shade, along with the coverage that curtains give. You’ll have many materials and textures to choose from, as well– everything from fabric to woven wood. Roman shades stay contained inside the window frame, while giving soft touches of color, pattern, and texture. 

Woven Woods: Bringing Nature Home

Made from earthy, natural materials (i.e., bamboo, grasses, reeds, and jute), woven wood shades feature an irreplaceable look and feel for your dining room. And they complement wood furniture beautifully. Without a liner, woven wood shades don’t provide as much privacy as other window treatments, which makes them ideal for areas like dining rooms and kitchens. But you can always add a privacy liner for more peace of mind.

Panel Track Shades: Convenient and Modern

Tall, wide panel shades can add an instant touch of stylish contemporary to your dining room, especially for larger windows. They easily glide on tracks to open and close them. Panels offer up a clean framing effect for your windows to help manage the incoming natural light. These shades also function well in a layering capacity over the top of other types of window treatments to add a bit of depth in the dining room.

What Kind of Look and Feel Do You Want in Your Dining Room?

Classic & Timeless

A classic, yet timeless look is a signature feature of Roman shades.The traditional design and versatility of Roman shades are sure to be a mainstay at family meals and leave a lasting impression on holiday guests. 

See some suggestions below, along with brief descriptions of our product classes, to help you know what you can expect.

Roman Shades:

Essential Class (featuring simple designs in familiar styles, constructed from materials known for strength and easy cleaning)

Signature Class (featuring thoughtful designs in trendy, affordable styles and durable materials)

Warm & Natural

Bring a warmer, more earthy look and feel to your space and to your holiday gatherings with the natural beauty of bamboo and woven wood shades. Get your home looking Pinterest-perfect for your next family dinner or get-together with these natural looking custom shades on your dining room windows. Personalize them to fit your needs with lined options for more light and privacy control.

Bamboo/Woven Wood Shades:

Premium Class (featuring lasting designs in timeless styles and high-quality materials)

Luxury Class (featuring superior design in distinct styles, quality-crafted with unique materials)


Set some new trends with eye-catching custom panel track shades. These shades are perfect for wide windows and for sliding glass doors. Just select the number of wide vertical panels you’ll need for your own impressive design statement.

Panel Track Shades:

Premier Class

Luxury Class

Whether for family meals or the most lavish entertaining, you can find just the right window treatments for your dining room to help create lasting memories, any time of the year.

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