Taking Your Kitchen Windows From Drab to Fab: A Select Blinds Q&A

Thinking of sprucing up your kitchen a bit to the next level of style? Consider updating your traditional kitchen curtains or blinds for newer, more modern window treatments that can instantly liven up your kitchen space

What sort of things should you consider when making a decision?

Q: What is Best to Cover Your Kitchen Windows?

A: You can select from a variety of different types of modern-looking window treatments for your kitchen windows, including cellular shades, Roman shades, sheer shades, dual/zebra shades, solar shades, curtains, or faux wood blinds or shutters.

Have you considered mini aluminum blinds? Aluminum blinds are built to last, with ample light and privacy management potential.

Like other modern window treatments, mini blinds can draw some nice attention to your kitchen windows, and can even tie those windows in to other design features you’ve selected for the room. The classic elements and modern details of mini blinds can offer a much needed balance to your kitchen, and still be budget-friendly. Whatever window treatments you end up selecting, make sure to create a kitchen space you’ll be proud of by enhancing its unique style, colors, and design. 

Drab to Fab.

Q: Are Blinds, Shades, or Curtains Better in the Kitchen?

Open plan kitchen area with kitchen units and amenities around, with a counter/dining top surrounded by barstools in the middle of this bright kitchen space.

A: Blinds, shades, and also curtains are well-established window treatments for kitchens. You may consider that blinds, particularly mini aluminum blinds, might be a better choice to meet your damp, potentially messy kitchen space’s needs. 

Also, blinds don’t “overcrowd” windows the way curtains sometimes can (with curtains’ fuller look and feel), and they’re much easier to keep clean. 

For the sake of easier privacy and light management, consider layering curtains over your mini blinds.

Q: What is the Difference Between Blinds and Mini Blinds?

A: You might be familiar with the term “mini blinds,” but what does it really entail? Mini blinds are window blinds with slats that are about half the width of standard blinds. 

Q: How Much Light Do I Need In My Kitchen? What About Colors?

A: Natural light can be an integral part of your kitchen space, and definitely brightens things up for your kitchen’s every day use. Regarding color selection, If your kitchen is smaller, consider light, cool colors to make it look larger and brighter. Darker, warmer colors can help larger kitchen spaces feel more cozy. 

Keep in mind that modern design (if that’s what you’re going for) is based in the rejection of mainstream appeal to make way for a more minimalist design aesthetic. You might also consider implementing elements of modern abstract art designs that infuse bold colors. Primary/bold colors can also serve as handsome accents in your kitchen space.

Q: What Other Things Should I Consider Regarding My Kitchen Window Treatments?

A: Consider all the dampness, and sometimes spattering that goes on in your kitchen as a natural part of day-to-day use. The ease with which you’ll be able to keep your kitchen window treatments clean, will depend on the material they are made of. Man-made materials like aluminum and faux wood can be wiped down regularly (use water and some soap … go light on the cleaning solutions).  

As far as a design theme is concerned, the Farmhouse/Cottage design aesthetic is popular for kitchens, and curtains/drapes, as well as wood blinds or faux wood blinds can lend themselves nicely to this look and feel. Aluminum mini blinds are not only durable and long-lasting, they also  lend themselves well to a warm, inviting café look and feel. 

Modern design themes tend to favor straight, “clean” lines, using materials like aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, etc. Note that a lack of clutter/adornments will also contribute to a minimalist look and feel.  

Q: What Type of Window Treatment is Easiest to Clean?

Aluminum blinds are easy to clean, as are just about any window coverings crafted with man-made materials. A damp cloth (even with a little soap) is all you’ll need to regularly keep them free of dust and kitchen grease. Wood blinds are also a great option, but keep in mind that for damp environments like the kitchen (or bathroom), the moisture can cause warping and cracking of natural materials like wood or bamboo/woven wood.

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for some mini blind recommendations for your kitchen, take a look at these. We’ve made selections from each of our product tiers for you, to offer viable design solutions for any budget.

1” Classic Cordless Mini Blinds (Essential Tier)*

These all-aluminum, custom cordless mini blinds resist the kinks and cracks and work without the cords you’ll find in old-school vinyl mini blinds.

*Our Essential Tier products include simple designs in familiar styles. Made of materials known for strength, and easy cleaning, Essential Tier products are a great starting point for first-time home owners or renters that are looking for budget-friendly solutions.

1” Single Touch Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds (Signature Tier)*

Versatile, modern looking cordless aluminum minis are amazingly affordable and super simple to use and install. No wand needed. Just tilt and lift with the bottom rail.

*Our Signature Tier products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Made with durable materials, Signature Tier products are the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond basic solution that is also affordable.

1” Premier Aluminum Blinds (Premium Tier)*

Replace your outdated vinyl minis with fresh, modern metallic-looking, all-aluminum custom mini blinds. Dust, dent and scratch resistant, they stand up well to everyday use. 

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

1” Designer Aluminum Blinds (Luxury Tier)*

Dull plastic minis in your home missing the mark? Put a shine on your windows and doors with these high quality, 1″ aluminum mini blinds in a variety of colors.

*Our Luxury Tier products include superior design in distinct styles. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship. Luxury Tier products are for the homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization. Some upgrade features are included.

Take Control of Designing Your Dream Home

Time for some DIY. For indoor spaces or outdoor spaces, a home design upgrade should never feel intimidating. 

Select Blinds is here to support you all the way from start to finish with helpful resources to make your life (and projects) easier. We’re invested in your success! Make your house ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it into your dream home, without breaking the bank. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you can save yourself plenty of money in the process. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (888) 314-1133 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

With custom window treatments easily and smartly installed, you can help turn your kitchen space into a calm, inviting space to enjoy with friends, family, and for every day cooking.

Free samples. Free shipping. Free design consulting. Every Day. Only at SelectBlinds.com.

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