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Roman Shades: A Classic, Yet Modern Look

Updated November 2023 Custom roman shades are a bigger deal than you might think. These unique window coverings first made their appearance in the Roman Coliseum, and their popularity spread on from there. Because of their design’s practicality as well…

The Best Reasons to Choose Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades

Top-down Bottom-up shades … perhaps you’ve heard of them or seen them in someone’s home. This unique style of window treatment offers some advantages over more common ones. In a nutshell, Top-down Bottom-up (TDBU) window coverings are great for privacy,…

How to Incorporate Florals Into Your Décor

In celebration of National Floral Design Day (yes, it’s real and it’s this Friday), we’ve put together this quick list of fun ways to spread the floral love throughout your home. 1. Roman Shades We’re a window covering company, so…

Roman Shade Colors We’re Obsessed With

Updated November 2023 Roman shades are the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern versatility. While we have hundreds of styles, there are some colors and patterns that we and our customers simply love! They’re an easy way to add…

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