These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Blinds: Style Your Home with Verticals

Designer Vertical Blinds in Gray

Vertical blinds have come a long way since their original debut. What was an innovation then can be considered by some as outdated and uninspiring today. Thankfully, vertical blinds now offer a stylish and practical solution for covering not only sliding glass doors, but even regular sized windows!

If you’re looking to give your space a modern and chic makeover, it’s time to recognize vertical blinds as a trendy design option. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ways to style vertical blinds transforming them into captivating focal points that elevate your space. Get ready to discover the possibilities!

Embrace Textures

Vertical blinds no longer have to be plain and plastic (although we have that too if it’s what you’re looking for). Incorporating texture adds visual interest and personality to your space.

Fabric blinds, for example, create a warm, cozy atmosphere with its textured weave. Its high-quality fabric gives window a smooth, modern flow. Similarly, faux wood vertical blinds mimic the natural grains and textures of real wood, bringing warmth and depth to your windows. We especially love the sheer fabric in the Modern Sheer Vertical Shades.

Vertical cellulars have a more obvious texture due to their cellular design. It adds a geometric flair while trapping air, making them energy-efficient and ideal for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. Any of these textures can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a statement piece within your room!

Colorful Statements

Who says blinds have to be white or off-white? Color isn’t just for drapery and curtains. Let your personality shine by selecting colors that complement your existing decor or go for contrasting shades to create a captivating visual impact.

If you need inspiration, the majority of Color of the Year 2023 were earth tones to represent calming themes like reconnecting, reflection, and peace. Think rosy pinks, dusty browns, or a nighttime black. Other colors like Pantone’s Viva Magenta have more vibrancy to symbolize joy.

Layer with Curtains or Drapes

Create depth by layering your vertical blinds with drapery. This not only creates a multi-dimensional window treatment, but it adds another layer of light control and privacy. You can choose to create a light and airy atmosphere with Sheer Curtains, or add richness with 200% fullness with Jewel Tone Drapery. Ordering samples is a great way to play with the different textures and colors to complement or contrast the window coverings.

We recommend choosing an inside mount type for the vertical blinds and an outside mount for the curtains. Hanging the curtain rod higher will also help the curtains flow more freely.

Switch to Panel Tracks

If you’re looking for a more sleek and contemporary style, consider panel tracks! Inspired by Japanese shoji screens, panel tracks give your home a soft, finished look, similar to curtains, but with the functionality of a full window shade. These wide fabric panels slide effortlessly along a track system, and they’re perfect for large windows, sliding doors, or as stylish room dividers.

Designer Elements Light Filtering Panel Track in Natural Weave Reed

Ready to Style Your Home?

As you can see, vertical window coverings have come a long way in terms of style and design. By incorporating textures and colors, you’ll show the world these aren’t your grandma’s blinds!

Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants to learn more about all our window coverings. Call (888) 257-1840. We’re easy to talk to!

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