Panel Track Shades Vs. IKEA – What You Should Know

Panel track shades are an excellent solution for covering wide windows and particularly, sliding glass doors. They’re functional, and they look great! You can even add the convenience of remote control motorization or automation to make your life even easier.

Home furnishings giant IKEA also sells panel track window coverings for seemingly less. But what are you really getting when you shop with IKEA? What is your shopping experience like?

Higher Better Business Bureau Customer Review Ratings

The difference between Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer review ratings as compared with those IKEA might be the most glaring difference of them all. rates at 4.25 out of 5 among its customers (currently with about 1,300 reviews) vs. IKEA, which rates at 1.11 rating out of 5 among its customers (currently ~250 reviews).

Why the difference? We’re invested in our customers’ success and go out of our way to create as seamless and helpful a shopping experience for you as we can. We love our customers and our customers love us. And it shows.

We’re The DIY Window Covering Experts!

We’ve been specializing in window coverings for the last 19 years (we recently celebrated another birthday!), and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’re subject matter experts when it comes to DIY window coverings, interior design, and what works best for your home design projects. IKEA does offer a wider variety of furniture, window coverings, and home improvement products, but without specialized window covering expertise.

You can tell we’re the best at what we do at SelectBlinds by our assortment, customer service ratings, and customer ratings. Who would you want to consult and do business with when it comes to finding the best, most stylish coverings for your windows?

Compare Our Assortment of Options

We offer a vast selection of window covering products (over 170), over 1,800 colors, to help you find exactly the window covering solution you need. You can customize your panel track shades in just about any size you can measure, with countless customization options, including remote control motorization and sync with Alexa or Google Home.

Though their price tag might look nicer, IKEA offers a very sparse selection of sheer sliding panel track window coverings at best, and without customization options. We’ve got what you need, customizable, and virtually always in stock.

We Offer You a Free Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality craftsmanship of our products, we offer a free warranty on ALL our products, not to mention free shipping, even for oversized orders. IKEA doesn’t offer any warranty on its meager selection of window coverings.

We even make filing a warranty claim to get as easy as possible!

We Offer You Friendly, Personalized Customer Service

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon trying to resolve an outstanding issue with “big box store” customer service, you probably know how frustrating it can be. Often you’ll spend long stretches of time on hold, many times you’ll have to re-explain your situation to two or three different people, and sometimes you’ll have to call back at another time because you simply can’t spend another minute on it today. Every weekday between 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. PT you can easily reach us for prompt service, and then again from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT on Saturdays and Sundays. We also have online chat, and we also make a point to return emails promptly.

Case in point: How does the customer service experience stack up against IKEA’s? According to company/customer service rating website, IKEA gets a 1.5 customer service rating out of 5 from its customers (~19K reviews, 74% of which are categorized as “bad”) compared to SelectBlinds customer service review of 4.5 out of 5 (~1,300 reviews, 72% of which are categorized as “excellent”).

We have a top-notch customer service team at your disposal, to give you the one-on-one attention and service you deserve. We’ll get your problem solved promptly, so you can resolve your issue, and get on with your day.

We Offer You the Best Panel Track Recommendations

Need a good panel track shade recommendation? We make panel track shade selections from our four different product tiers for you, to offer you excellent, customizable design solutions for any taste and budget. Spend some time window shopping to see what we have to offer!

Modern Architect Panel Track (Premium Tier)*

Stay “on track” with the sun using versatile, light-filtering panel track verticals on sliding glass doors and large window walls. Mount them from the ceiling as a unique room divider, too. 

Architect Blackout Panel Track (Premium Tier)*

Darken any room with a whole lotta flair. These modern vertical window coverings add style and elegance to any space, plus they work great for larger windows and sliding glass doors. Excellent for bedrooms and media rooms.

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

Luxe Modern Light Filtering Panel Tracks (Luxury Tier)*

Here’s the ideal solution for your sliding glass doors and large windows. Use the panels as a space divider or as a closet door. Style, function, and lovely light filtering.

Nomad Solar Panel Track (Luxury Tier)*

Wherever you may roam, these “sun-sational” light-filtering solar panel track treatments will help you feel right at home with your large windows and patio doors.

*Our Luxury Tier products include superior design in distinct styles. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship. Luxury Tier products are for the homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization. Some upgrade features are included.

We Want to See You in Your Dream Home!

DIY Design never meant “Do it ALL by Yourself.” For any space, a home design upgrade should never feel intimidating. 

Nothing makes a space look warmer and more inviting than beautiful new window treatments, and Select Blinds is all about supporting you, all the way from start to finish. We offer you tons of helpful resources to make your life (and projects) easier, because we’re invested in your success! Make your dream home ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it into your dream home, without breaking your budget. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you can save yourself plenty of money in the process. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

Free Samples. Free Shipping. Free Design Consulting. Every Day. Only at

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