Tailored Treatments: Selecting the Best Blinds for Every Space

Minimalist bedroom with Refined Roman Shades in Midnight Paris Braid
Refined Roman Shades in Midnight Paris Braid

Just as every room in a home serves a different purpose, every window covering has a different function. Now you certainly can have the same window treatment throughout your entire home. However, to get the most out of your investment, we recommend choosing them based on your interior design style and the room’s function. This blog will is a high level overview of which blinds are best suited for every space to help you get started!

Living Room & Office

While these rooms are different, they both are meant to create a relaxing environment to focus, either on connection or work. You need something that lets natural light in – as it’s proven to help your mood and energy – while reducing the glare on your TV or computer.

Study with Nomad Woven Wood Shades in Everly
Nomad Woven Wood Shades in Everly

Check out light-filtering shade options as well as these two window coverings:

Solar Shades – Choose a low openness percentage to decrease the amount of incoming light and reduce glare.

Woven Wood Shades – Nature has been shown to help relieve stress, and woven wood shades are made from all natural elements like jute, bamboo and grass. These shades come unlined, or for more light control and privacy, you can add a privacy or blackout liner.

Bedrooms & Nurseries

Blackout shades are popular for bedrooms and nurseries because they can block up to 99% of incoming light, allowing for better sleep. This feature is available across several window treatment categories, like roman shades, woven wood shades and dual shades.

Baby Nursery with Select Blackout Cellulars in Ocean SC
Select Blackout Cellulars in Ocean SC

It’s important to note that a small amount of light may come through the sides, if you have an inside mount, but it will be minimal. Cellular shades will have some of the smallest light gaps (an average of 1/8″ on each side) whereas roller shades have some of the largest light gaps (an average of 5/8″ on each side). Some other options to consider are:

Double Roller ShadesDouble Roller Shades layer a light filtering fabric over a blackout fabric, both of which provide UV protection.

Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades in Dark Brown

Blackout Cellular Shades – Not only do the block out light, but blackout cellular shades also absorb noise and insulate your windows for a more comfortable room. Our Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades were rated best blackout shade of the year by New York Times’ Wirecutter.

Pictured: Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades in Dark Brown

TriShades – TriShades are a Top Down Bottom Up cellular shade that has either light filtering or blackout cells on the bottom and sheer cells on the top, allowing for optimal light control. Our Modern Light Filtering/Blackout TriShades can provide all filtered light, complete blackout functionality, or any combination in between.


The kitchen is a unique space, and you may need different window coverings depending on how big your kitchen is and where the windows are located. Most people opt for light-filtering shades, which softly diffuse light and give a bit of privacy.

Modern kitchen with 2 1/2" Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Antique White Embossed
2 1/2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Antique White Embossed

Here are a few specific window treatments to consider for the kitchen:

Faux Wood Blinds – Because they are water resistant, these are great for windows over a kitchen sink. They can be wiped down without causing any damage.

Solar Shades – These shades are also water resistant and can be wiped down. They allow an outside view even when they’re completely lowered down.

Sheer Shades – Sheer shades are a great option for windows away from the sink. Due to their opacity, there is a lightly veiled visibility both looking in and out, so you can enjoy the outdoor view while having your shades lowered.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades – These shades are great if you want privacy but still want to let in natural light. Just keep the bottom part of the window covered while leaving the top open.


The biggest factor to consider in bathrooms: moisture exposure. Direct water exposure and humidity will wear down fabric-constructed blinds and shades over the years, so you need window coverings that are moisture resistant.

Coastal bathroom with 1" Premier Aluminum Blinds in Brushed Aluminum

Faux Wood Blinds – They are water resistant and won’t warp over time unlike their real wood counterparts.

Aluminum Mini Blinds – These are also dust, dent and scratch resistant, so they’re great for everyday use.

Pictured: 1″ Premier Aluminum Blinds in Brushed Aluminum

Home Theater

Nothing’s worse than a huge glare on the screen when you’re trying to watch a movie. Update your window coverings to blackout shades and your problems will be solved. Keep in mind some light may create a halo effect on the sides of the window treatments.

Room with Refined Custom Drapes/Curtains in Dew Sand
Refined Custom Drapes/Curtains in Dew Sand

You can also look at:

Light-Filtering Cellular Shades – If you don’t want a completely dark room, light-filtering cellular shades are a good choice to let natural light in and absorb noise. However, there will be a slight glare.

Drapery – If you get thick and lined drapes, you can get rid of the glare and most of the light altogether.

Decorate Room By Room

Now you know the basics of which window covering is best for every space in your house! Remember, these are all suggestions, and there are even more window covering options on our website. If you have any questions, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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