Select Blinds™ Motorized Architect Roller Shades: Powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ Motors with Apple HomeKit™ Technology

2022 welcomes you to the world of Eve MotionBlinds!

As smart home accessories go, window coverings aren’t known for being very accessible, but 2022 brings with it a new breed of smart technology. In fact, smart window coverings just got a heck of a lot smarter (and much easier to install). Meet Select Blinds’ Motorized Architect Roller Shades, available in light-filtering and blackout styles. These sharp and thoughtfully designed roller shades are powered by a new type of smart blind motor that allows Eve MotionBlinds to work in conjunction with Apple HomeKit. In addition to their Bluetooth capabilities, Eve MotionBlinds motors will also support Thread, a new smart home connectivity standard. Indeed, Eve MotionBlinds feature the first smart blind motors available to support the Thread technology.

Easy Installation and Setup

Installing and setting up motorized shades has never been easier. Once your blinds are installed (SelectBlinds products are known for their easy installation), just scan the HomeKit setup code with your iOS device. No bridge or registration needed for either Bluetooth or Thread compatibility. For use of a border router, such as a HomePod mini™ or an Apple TV™ (4th generation or later), Eve MotionBlinds can automatically connect with the Thread network. If you’re using a Border Router as part of a smart home kit, Eve MotionBlinds will join a network automatically. You can still operate your Motorized Architect Roller Shades with the motorized wand or remote control upgrade for times when your WiFi might go on the fritz.

Future-Proofing Your Smart Home

Thread capabilities not only make installation easier, it also provides longer average battery life and quicker response times. Thread will even allow you to get a jump on future-proofing your home’s smart devices to be compatible with Matter, a new and advanced home technology being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other developers.

Convenience and Reliability

Schedule your blinds ahead of time to open and close at specific times, or set them to operate themselves using the user-friendly app. Set up HomeKit Scenes and Rules and connect the blinds to other HomeKit-friendly accessories like thermostats, light bulbs, motion detectors, and sensor-based devices. Imagine connectivity that includes devices that might be outside the range of your border router, but that can still be operated through a relay. All Eve MotionBlinds data and intelligence are stored locally in the motor for better privacy and peace of mind. Become an early adopter of the solution for all kinds of smart home logistics headaches.

High-Quality Construction

Motorized Architect Roller Shades are built to last with all the care and high quality Select Blinds products are known for. They feature an unforgettable European-inspired design, and you may select from a plentiful array of colors, as well as from three different sustainably procured texture styles. Get your motorized rollers custom-built to fit your windows, with additional options for the headrail, bottom rail, and roll position.

Eve MotionBlinds Features Include:

  • “Smart in a minute” convenience – Eve MotionBlinds motors feature connectivity built directly into the shade’s headrail, connected to the Home™ app, and quickly activated by a set-up code.
  • Control or automate your smart blinds from anywhere with your iOS device.
  • Privacy and digital security
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cable-free installation
  • USB-C rechargeability

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