Roman Shades: A Classic, Yet Modern Look

Updated November 2023

LEVOLOR Light Filtering Tailored Roman Shades in Designer Textures Mink
LEVOLOR Light Filtering Tailored Roman Shades in Designer Textures Mink

Custom roman shades are a bigger deal than you might think. These unique window coverings first made their appearance in the Roman Coliseum, and their popularity spread on from there. Because of their design’s practicality as well as its adaptability, this style of window treatment has lasted for hundreds of years. Read on to see if they are a good match for you!

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman shades (often referred to simply as “romans”) are a simple, classic style of window covering that can give any window an elegant appearance.

Classic Romans in Shoreline

They are essentially a pleated/folded fabric that can be raised and lowered with a lift mechanism. In fact, they function very much like roller shades. When romans are fully extended, they display a refined, textured touch that complements just about any personal décor.

Pictured: Classic Roman Shades in Shoreline

Are Roman Shades Out of Style?

One thing the majority of interior designers can agree on is that roman shades never seem to go out of style. Though they are considered a more traditional décor style, romans are often the most viable solution from a design perspective. Romans have more style options than most window treatments with the various fold styles, countless color and pattern options, and edge binding upgrades.

Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory
Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory

5 Benefits of Roman Shades

1) They Have Countless Design Options

Romans can be used for a blackout/room darkening or light filtering effect, depending on your light and privacy needs. You’ll also love the vast amount of colors, patterns and styles you’ll have to choose from.

One unique factor with romans is that you can choose a fold style. Choosing the soft fold gives a drapery-like look because the material gently folds when the shade is raised. Meanwhile, the classic pleated fold provides a modern touch as the fabric panels simply fold over the next as you raise the shade.

Side view of a soft fold on a roman
Side view of Select Roman Shades in Greek Key Navy White with a soft fold.
2) They are Versatile

Romans can look great in just about any room, whether private rooms or formal rooms where you might entertain guests. All you need to worry about is choosing the right colors to achieve the look you’re after. They look great all on their own, but they can also be used for a layered look underneath drapery for next level style.

Lifestyle Roman Shades in White Canvas
Lifestyle Roman Shades in White Canvas
3) Romans are Great for Narrow Spaces

You might be looking for ideas to cover narrow windows, or even doors. Romans can work for narrow spaces, and our Roll-Up Roman Door Shades are perfect for doors! With this shade, you can swap out different colors for any season or occasion. There are no tools involved with the roll-up installation because it’s hung with strong adhesive tape, and it comes standard with ties and a matching fabric valance.

Adjustable Roman Door Shades in Stormy Sky
Adjustable Roman Door Shades in Stormy Sky
4) They Have a Safe, Smooth, Easy Operation

Window coverings are typically associated with pull cords, but these can prove dangerous for curious children and pets. They can even pose a strangulation hazard for your little ones. Options like cordless and motorized romans make your window décor worry-free, and easy to operate.

5) They Are Easy to Install

While all romans have an easy installation, a few of them also offer a no-drill upgrade! This feature saves you time with its easy install because it requires no drilling. Simply lock the headrail in place and attach the window covering!

Example of no-drill headrail
Example of a no-drill headrail

Time to Get Started!

It’s time to customize the shade of your dreams! Start shopping, or call or chat with one of our Design Consultants to figure out which one is best for you! Call (888) 257-1840. We’re easy to talk to!

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