Motorization Makes Life Easy: Why You Need Motorized Window Coverings

Man on living room couch using remote control operated window blinds

With everything else in your life motorized or automated, why not upgrade your window coverings? Motorized window coverings are convenient, kid-friendly, sleek and modern. SelectBlinds offers Motorized Lifts on several window product categories, like cellular shades, solar shades, dual shades and more. Check out some of the benefits of motorization!

Types of Motorized Lifts

If products have “motorized” in the name, then it comes standard with the Motorized Lift. However, motorization is an additional feature on the majority of our products, and it will come with one or more of the following lift options:

  • Motorized Wand – The wand allows you to operate your shade up and down by a single click or pull.

  • Home Automation – Pair Alexa, Google, & Apple smart home products for shade operation by app or voice control.

What We Love About Motorized Shades

Easy Operation

All of our motorized lifts are easy to operate. They are especially helpful for senior citizens or people with mobility issues who can’t exert much force.

Plus, they’re perfect for tall or hard-to-reach windows, such as skylights. Now you can install window coverings and not worry about completely eliminating outside light. You can raise or lower them as you please.

Enhanced Safety

Motorized Lifts exclude the need for cords, which are a potential hazard to young children and pets. Cordless window coverings, which include motorized treatments, are the safest for homes with families.

Endless Convenience

You can pair and control up to 30 SelectBlinds motorized window coverings* in a 2,500 sq foot home with the SelectConnect Bridge. If you need to cover a larger area, you can pair multiple WiFi bridges together. Now, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to raise and lower your window coverings via app or voice assistant!

The SelectConnect Bridge is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings, as well as many custom home integration systems, like Control4 and Savant. You’ll also have direct access to Bond Bridge Home 24/7 customer service.

BondHome app opened on a phone is connected to the SelectConnect Bridge

Motorized Window Coverings Can Improve Everyday Living

Motorization benefits extend beyond easy operation. Here are a couple ways you can take advantage of all its features.

Develop a morning routine

Don’t depend on just your alarm clock to wake you up. Program your window covering to raise at a certain time, and wake up to natural sunlight. It won’t be as easy to snooze and fall back asleep.

Schedule perfect plant lighting

If you have plants, you know all about the importance of light control. Set individual or combined automated schedules so your window covering raises or lowers at the best time.

Travel worry-free

Motorization can reduce your stress while traveling. Can’t remember if you lowered the shades? Use your smartphone to check and adjust them if necessary. With the programming feature, you can also raise and lower your shades throughout the day to give off the impression that you’re home.

It’s Time to Make Life Easier

Now you know why you need motorized window coverings in your life! To learn more, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

*Excludes motorized panel tracks and Top Down Bottom Up Motorization

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