Light is the New Dark: A Trendy Take on Chic White Room Darkening Curtains

If you are thinking about curtains or drapery for your new home, especially if they are for a bedroom or nursery, consider all that blackout curtains, and room darkening curtains or drapes can do for you and your home. Any blackout or room darkening window coverings are not only practical, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to how stylish they can be, as well. You can even find white room darkening curtains, as well.

Benefits of Room Darkening and Blackout Curtains

The best thing about blackout curtains and room darkening curtains is their uncanny ability to block out incoming light. Sleeping with light coming in can be a challenge, but room darkening curtains, blackout curtains, and other blackout window coverings can help you refresh and renew with a good sleep any time of the morning or day. 

This is important for babies, young children, and for people who work overnight shifts and who need to sleep during the day; they’re also great for you, if you just want to sleep in on the weekends.

As you can imagine, blackout curtains are also the best bet for achieving optimal darkness in your TV or media room. No more annoying glare as the sun is setting. Uninterrupted home theater time!  Just remember to measure your windows properly to ensure adequate light coverage.

What is the Difference Between Blackout Curtains and Room Darkening Curtains?

Blackout curtains and room darkening curtains have similar functions: to make a room darker. Room darkening curtains still allow some light into your room (up to 5 percent), though they can significantly darken your interior. Blackout curtains are meant to block out as much light as possible (up to 99 percent) for a virtually full darkening effect.

Do Room Darkening Curtains Reduce Heat?

Blackout and room darkening curtains and drapery can not only provide excellent light control (including against incoming street lights at night), they can also provide the best privacy to meet your own needs, as well as help with noise reduction and incoming heat reduction, to help out with your energy bills. Room darkening and blackout curtains and drapery can help elevate the benefits in any bedroom or living space.

In most of today’s houses, 10-25% of heat loss is through the windows in cold weather. Blackout curtains can help you reduce your winter energy bills by up to 25%. In the spring and summertime, blackout curtains can reflect heat back outward, to keep it out of your interior. They can reduce the amount of heat coming in via your windows by as much as 24 percent. Either way, you will be saving money throughout the year on energy costs.

What is the Difference Between Privacy-Lined and Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtain lining is typically sewn into the back of the curtain, rather than a regular privacy lining. If you already have privacy-lined curtains, then a standalone blackout lining can be hung behind the existing curtains, as long as your curtain rod can bear the weight of both.

We recommend upgrading your curtains from a regular privacy liner that offers a room darkening effect to a blackout liner rather than purchasing a separate blackout curtain.

Can You Get Room Darkening Curtains in White?

As previously mentioned, white (or some variation of white) room darkening curtains or blackout curtains are available and are a top-notch addition in any bedroom, or any other room, for that matter. 

White curtains harmonize and complement nicely with traditional and modern motifs.  You can find an excellent balance between style and function with blackout curtains. 

Select Blinds’ Staff and Customer Favorites

Here are some of our recommendations for room darkening and blackout curtains, in white, or some shade of white.

Classic Curtains: Signature Class*

(color selection includes White Linen, Simply White, Textured White, Cloud White, Pearl White, Antique White, and Textured Ivory)

Popular grommet-style panel curtains that adorn your windows with a unique coastal touch. Go for designer-caliber coordination throughout your home, at a budget-friendly price.

Cozy Curtains: Signature Class*

(color selection includes Ivory Matte Velour, White Chenille, and Brushed Knit Cream)

Get your cozy on with this rich, flowy feel. Bring more calm and relaxation into your space with these casually elegant grommet curtains. Hushed, soft to the touch, and comforting.

Delicate Sheen Curtains – Signature Class*

(color selection includes Interstellar, Cosmic Starlight, Cosmic Pearl, Cosmic Moonlight, Cosmic Ivory, and Cosmic White)

Elegance and style. Like an evening out on the town, you’ll love the formal presence of these rich curtains. A nice fabric selection, with more subtle, glam-filled shimmer for your interior.

*Our Signature Class products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. They are made with durable materials. 

Luxe Custom Drapes/Curtains – Premium Class*

(color selection includes Moon Stone, Dew Ivory, Cinder White, and Cinder Ivory)

Touch, see, and feel the timeless allure of full, texture-rich drapes in this collection of luxurious fabric curtains (grommet or pleated). 

*Our Premium Class products feature lasting designs in timeless styles, and crafted with high-quality materials. The Premium Class is the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. 

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Take your bedroom, media room, or any room into your home up a notch with the increased functionality of a nice, cool, quiet room darkening effect.

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