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Carriann knows how to lighten your mood

There are several key ingredients to creating great spaces within your home, but they all end with an overall result… “What mood does the space leave?” Successful spaces are the result of all key ingredients merging into one and working in harmony.

Lighting is one of these ingredients. And let’s face it, lighting can drastically change the feel of a space. So where does our lighting come from? There’s natural lighting (windows) and artificial lighting (fixtures). Fixtures are specific in living areas such as kitchens and baths. Natural lighting is less specific and fills a room with more ambient light. But we are still left with the challenge of controlling both light sources. Window coverings allow you to control and direct natural lighting. They also dress up your window and enhance your space. Your space can be designed beautifully, have amazing textures, rich colors, eye catching décor, and just the precise amount of plants and fresh flowers. But if you’re lighting is off, it will kill the entire look. It’s like having a designer outfit on, looking your best, every hair is in place, but you wear an outdated, hideous pair of shoes. You kill the entire look! And once you realize it (if you do), the mood is negatively influenced. The reason many Homeowners are unsure of lighting solutions is because they simply don’t have the tips and tricks of the trade. Keep reading, because I’m about to share some juicy information with you! Here are 4 popular spaces in homes today and some key points for each. Follow my designer tips and you’ll soon be celebrating the very mood you wished to achieve!

Family / Living Rooms

Lighting is very important in the livingroom

We love our family rooms! After all, it’s where we spend our time either relaxing, being a family, playing a game, entertaining, or watching our favorite TV show. This is a space where controlling light is critical, depending on the activity in the space.

  • Keep colors muted. Earth tones and neutrals will always create a soothing mood.
  • Window shades that work best for this space: blackout (for television viewing), shades that allow directional tilting such as wood blinds or sheer shades.
  • Choose a color and shade that compliments your current décor.
  • If you have an accent wall in your space, consider a window shade that coordinates or matches your wall color.
  • Choose textures and colors that invite the ‘cozy factor.’ Plush throws, oversized pillows, upholstered furniture, soft rugs, and controlled lighting will all allow just the right mood for this space.
  • Don’t forget the dimmer switch! Dimmer switches allow you to control the level of your artificial lighting. Plus, it’s a small investment that offers a substantial influence to the mood of your space!

Kitchens / Eating Areas

The kitchen is the most important room in your home

Our kitchens have become an extension of family rooms. They’re where we gather the most. After all…the stomach knows best, right?

  • Lively prints and bold patterns will enhance this space. Consider a Roller Shade or Roman Shade for this space.The possibilities are endless with these types of shades. You can choose patterns and designs that coordinate with your décor as well!
  • Have fun with your colors here. Since you don’t want to fall asleep in this space, don’t go overboard on your muted palette. Colors that lift your mood such as reds, oranges, and yellows are perfect in kitchens.
  • This is usually the first or second room we enter as we start our day! Choose colors, textures, and décor that invite you in and lift your mood.


Bathrooms lighting is critical

Oh, the poor bathroom. Our lives are so busy these days, they can look more like a chemistry lab or laundry room than the retreats we need them to be! If you desire a space that invites you in the morning, and resolves you at night, follow these tips….

  • Keep your colors rich and muted. You can never go wrong by choosing soothing wall colors in this space. Consider a Roller Shade, Roman Shade, or Cellular Shade for this space.
  • Since bathrooms require privacy, consider a top down bottom up shade. This allows more control of your natural lighting and privacy.
  • Keep décor and textures simple.
  • If you want that spa-like feel, visit a local spa and take note of how they treated the space. Colors and textures will all create a mood that soothe.
  • Personalize this space if you need! I love photos so, if your pup Baxter is the apple of your eye, consider a cute picture of him on your vanity. His wagging tail and sincere eyes will surely put a smile on your face. And what a great way to start your day!


The bedroom is your sanctuaries

They’re our sanctuaries. They’re the space that is most personal to us and often a space that either hugs us, or frustrates us. Follow these tips, and the frustration will fly away….

  • Choose 2, no more than 3 colors to design this space.
  • Select a rug, bedspread, or artwork to serve as the inspiration for the room. Build your entire design for your space around that item.
  • Keep lighting soft, soft, soft! Avoid artificial lighting that is fluorescent, too bright, or too harsh. Lamps or chandeliers are always a sure decision.
  • Consider blackout window shades. A Cellular shade, Roller shade, or Roman shade offers this feature. Who doesn’t want the option to control natural light in a sleeping space? Afternoon nap anyone? Morning sun too bright? 🙂
  • Avoid the clutter. Our lives are hectic enough so, why would you allow your sanctuary to get that way?
  • Don’t forget that dimmer switch!

Use these above guides when creating your spaces and you’re sure to love the moods they create! The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. When you have the knowledge, you have the confidence! Happy Decorating!

Carriann Johnson

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