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The Inspired Room blog is all about loving the home you have. It’s about attainable and affordable style and design for everyone, and that’s what we love the most about Melissa Michaels’ blog. It’s inspiring, and the photos are stunning. Are you ready to look at your own home in a whole new way?

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

inspired room 1

I’ve always loved home decor. Even as a very young girl, I was always designing houses in moving boxes for my dolls and trying out floor plans on paper. I grew up watching my parents decorate and remodel our homes and enjoyed driving with my family through neighborhoods to look at houses on the weekends. As a newlywed and young mom, I always had stacks of decorating magazines by my bed, read every home-related book I could get my hands on, and always had a home remodeling or decorating project going on (or mulling around in my mind for the future). I just loved it!

I thought at one point I would go into interior design, but I ended up working at a publishing company instead, which was fun, too. But after many years of gaining design experience in my own homes and learning everything I could about home design on a budget, I realized I was so passionate about the home and enjoyed the process so much, I decided I was ready to launch my own business.

In 2007 I started The Inspired Room. I would go into clients’ homes and take a look at what they already had and within a few hours, I had rearranged their furniture and accessories in a way they loved.

From there I started a blog and eventually went on to write books! It’s been an amazing and rewarding journey! I love that The Inspired Room has grown into a brand that really fits with everything I love.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?


I love so many different styles. I really just appreciate good design in whatever form it is. But my personal preference lands toward a modern farmhouse, eclectic cottage style. I love a clean look but also love to incorporate colors and textures and a mix of new and old things I love.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?



My favorite projects have been my last two kitchens. I love designing kitchens. They really are the heart of the home, so they deserve extra attention. I enjoy the process of making a kitchen inviting and welcoming. It’s sometimes a challenge to pull all the elements together in a way that fits your budget and style, but I think that’s what I’ve enjoyed about it. You can find my house tour and kitchen here:

You can also find ideas and tips in my book called The Inspired Room. We recently moved, so we’ll be starting over with a kitchen and decorating the house, but I’m excited about that opportunity! I’m just getting started and will share the whole process on the blog.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

inspired room 5

I love that there are so many affordable and accessible ways to decorate your home with the latest trends. It’s fun for me to share ways to pull a home together and be able to offer resources I’ve found to make that happen without spending a fortune. My favorite way to decorate is to mix old and new, so I love that anything goes these days! We can enjoy putting together our own look with what is current and what we already have.

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