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Jade Bennett from the Finders Keepers blog is all about style. Her style is definitely eclectic, but it has a whimsical side to it, too. However she defines her style, one thing’s for sure – it makes you feel good. Simple as that. Here’s a little bit more about her and her design inspiration.


1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?


I was inspired to be an interior designer at a very young age, by my mother. I grew up in a home that was always changing and always beautiful. I remember coming home from school and my mom would have rearranged my room while I was gone – new pillows and my bed in a new place. I loved it! She was so creative and would let me help her change things around the house. We would shop together and decorate together. I knew I wanted to go to school and be an interior designer when I grew up.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?



This one is so hard for me because I LOVE all the styles! If I could live in a clean mid-century modern house, I would, but I believe the home you live in usually calls for its own kind of style. My home and style at the moment would best be described as English cottage. I love an eclectic mix of things that create a warm and super cozy space. With three littles running around and often leaving messes as they go, this style maintains its beauty regardless of the chaos around it.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?


Seeing as how my current house is a rental space, my project list was minimal. We did, however, add some wainscoting in the kitchen behind one of our farm tables and I loved it! We are currently buying a little fixer-upper where I have BIG plans for projects and moving walls around!

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


I just love gallery walls! They are the perfect way to add warmth and dimension to any space. Plus, they are a great way to display all the little pieces of art or mirrors I have collected from my travels. I love them in modern spaces or really eclectic spaces alike. See mine here.


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