Inspiring Decorator: Cynthia Harper

Cynthia Harper - Inspiring Decorator

Mixing modern and vintage goes together like cream and sugar in your coffee, according to inspiring decorator, Etsy shop owner and curator of homes with imperfections, Cynthia Harper. “I choose happiness over perfection,” she says of her approach to design. The result? Super sweet! We recently had the pleasure of working with Cynthia on selecting blinds for her own home, and fell in love with her eclectic aesthetic and comfy style. So we thought you’d like to get to know her, too.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

My interest in design grew out of a deep need to have a creative outlet after the birth of my first child. Discovering that our home was a blank canvas that could serve as a means of creative expression was an eye-opening revelation for me. My personal style has evolved over time, and it’s fun to see how I’ve honed my skills over the last few years. The journey of sharing my design with a broader audience has been incredible. Far more people have taken an interest in my designs than I ever imagined! I feel very blessed to be on this journey of making a living out of something that is my passion.

living room

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic favors neutrals with the use of a lot of texture and contrast to create visual interest. I love blending styles and also mixing the old with the new, while maintaining a simplified space. I find myself particularly drawn to modern farmhouse elements with a touch boho.

Cynthia Harper's bedroom
Our Premier 2″ Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Pale White were the perfect complement to this amazing accent wall in her daughter’s bedroom.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

My favorite project was the kitchen I designed for our home last year. A lot of time, thought and energy went into that project, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We worked within the existing footprint to stay within budget, and yet created something uniquely beautiful and timeless. We used subway tile to the ceiling to lighten and brighten the space, and used wood straight from an old barn for the open shelving. Styling those shelves is my favorite thing to do in our kitchen!


Cynthia Harper's kitchen
Cynthia’s kitchen has come a long way since its original purple counter tops.
Cynthia Harper used Designer Series Woven Woods from
The kitchen re-do all began with the gray door. Cynthia found the Designer Series Woven Woods in Jute Natural here at Select Blinds.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

My favorite trend right now is macrame. Planters, wall art, hoops … you name it! Macrame is a wonderful way to add warmth, texture and a hint of whimsy to a space, while still maintaining a neutral palette. I love it!

Inspiring Decorator Cynthia Harper

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