Influencer Home Tour: Room Inspiration

Sunroom with Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory
Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory

The summer temperature is increasing and so is our time spent indoors. You might even be feeling tired of your current home setup. Something needs to change, but what? We’ve been in creative slumps before, and that’s why we love collaborating and getting inspired by other DIYers, content creators and homebodies!

We’ve gathered some room inspiration from a couple of our influencers, and seeing their beautiful homes, we knew we couldn’t just talk about window coverings for this post. Read our commentary and apply what you like to your next room renovation!

Sunroom with Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory

Sunroom by Emilie | @emiliekiser

We love the coastal vibes in Emilie’s sunroom, and the rug’s bold line work modernizes the coastal grandmother aesthetic. This room ultimately feels creamy and dreamy thanks to the lamp, couch and our Designer Series Roman Shades in Porto Ivory.

Notice how Emilie breaks up the various tan and white hues with pops of color throughout the room, like the light blue accents on the vase and book cover spines and light green and grey pillows on the couch. Catch us here napping or basking in the sunlight on the weekends.

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Guest Room by Mal | @malmadness

Did you say “whoa!” when you saw this colorful room? Cause we sure did! Maximalism meets jungle glam in Mal’s guest room, especially with that striking blue leopard rug. She kept up the vibrancy throughout with her red-orange cabinets and teal door and window frames.

Our Nomad Woven Wood Shades in Cora provide a nice balance with its natural wood coloring along with the flooring. However, the shades still work as an eclectic piece thanks to its soft woven bamboo texture.

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Maximalist guest room with Nomad Woven Wood Shades in Cora
Kitchen with William Morris Roman Shade in Pimpernel Blush

Kitchen by Jessi | @thegoodwrench

We’d order take out every night if we had this kitchen. This calming color palette, full of earthy neutrals, is exactly what we want to come home to. Our William Morris Roman Shade in Pimpernel Blush stands out subtly yet beautifully with its pastel greens, rose and blue.

While there is a strong traditional style present, the floating shelves and gold faucet and hardware adds some modernity. Jessi further adds her personality through books, plants and decor on the shelving.

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Primary Bedroom by Jaime | @bartlettpairphotography

You can’t go wrong with the classic, minimalist black and white foundation with wooden features. It’s inviting, calming and perfect for a primary bedroom. The natural highlights are seen in the nightstand, light shade and our Designer Reserve Woven Wood Shades in Palm Camel.

Having these neutral colors as a base allows you to use almost any accent color. Jaime incorporates color through greenery (not shown) and wall decor, as seen with the flower painting.

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Minimalist bedroom with Designer Reserve Woven Wood Shades in Palm Camel
Living room with Classic Roman Shades in Textured Ivory

Living Room by Carli | @clutterfreecarli

The floor’s yellow undertones is the main character in this living room. It pairs well with the coffee table’s rich red-brown and front door’s airy blue.

While the majority of the furnishings and walls appear to be grey and cream hues, our favorite supportive character is the Classic Roman Shades in Textured Ivory. Its soft folds and the rounded pillows balance the defined angles on the coffee table and lamp shades.

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Inspired and Ready to Go

We hope this gave you plenty of room renovation ideas, from the windows to the walls! If you need any help with window coverings, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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