How To Create Your Patio Oasis Using Exterior Shades

Outdoor Oasis with Solar Shades
Patio setup with exterior solar shades

What does the term “patio oasis” bring to mind for you? You’ll find trending the idea of taking any kind of space, from an empty, sun-scorched rooftop to a deserted backyard, and turning it into a lush retreat, ready for entertaining and for simply enjoying the outdoor weather when it’s nice out. 

Here are some pointers that can help set you up for a successful patio season this fall.

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Setting Up Your Outdoor Patio Oasis

Home exterior patio with wooden decking and rattan sofa

How do you envision your oasis? Start by power washing the concrete / deck area. Then, you’ll want to ensure you provide yourself and guests with plenty of comfortable patio furniture offering room to stretch out. 

What about fans and / or misters to keep things cool when it’s warm outside? If you’re one that enjoys being outside during the evenings, you’ll want to consider proper lighting and bug-proofing of your space. 

Here are some suggestions to get into place as part of your oasis setup:

  • Fans and / or misters
  • String lighting / lamps / lanterns
  • Bug repellent plants (e.g., lavender and chrysanthemums)
  • Bug zapper lights / Tiki torches / citronella candles

Privacy & Shade

Are you providing enough privacy for your oasis area? Do you have enough shade?

First, you’ll want to strike an even balance between allowing sunlight in and providing shaded spots throughout your outdoor entertainment area. 

Bamboo shades (crafted using the natural fibers of the bamboo plant) and woven wood window treatments (woven using a combination of reeds, as well as bamboo, rattan, jute, and grasses to create a variety of color options) bring a natural, exotic, and eco-friendly beauty and feel to any space, indoor or out. 

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Layering these natural shades with window panels or drapes can also be done to minimize views from the outside while creating a truly customized look on the inside. If you do go with these shades made from natural materials, you’ll want to ensure that they are protected as much as possible from rain and moisture.

In addition to privacy, a reliable exterior solar shade will do a great job of keeping the glare out of your eyes and offering enough shade for your area, while still being able to enjoy the warmth. Also, you’ll be able to help protect your outdoor furniture and maintain your outside view.

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A Couple of Final Details

To keep things comfy and toasty on cooler nights, set up one or more propane heaters. A firepit for ambient effect also provides plenty of warmth. 

Then, Don’t forget the outdoor bar area where you can reward yourself with a refreshing, cool drink after you’ve completed setting up your outdoor patio oasis!

Minding all these details will not only help you enjoy patio season to its fullest but can offer you opportunities to make this season last as long as possible.

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations for Your Outdoor Oasis

Whether or not you’re “big on social graces,” or have an abundance of “friends in low places,” perhaps you are looking for a few recommendations for your outdoor patio oasis? 

SelectBlinds staff loves offering up our selections from our different product tiers for you, to offer you excellent, customizable design solutions for any taste and budget. Spend some time window shopping to see what we have to offer!

Classic Woven Woods (Signature Tier)* 

Get your outdoor entertainment area ready to have company over and grill with these brilliant woven wood shades! Install shades where it counts while protecting your furniture from fading and discoloration. All with a nature-infused touch.

5% Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solars (Signature Tier)*

Keep your patio or deck area cool and comfortable by blocking out harmful UV rays and adding some lovely shade to your outdoor oasis. And do so while staying true to your existing design. 

*Our Signature Tier products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Made with durable materials, Signature Tier products are the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution that is also affordable.

Luxe Modern Woven Wood Shades (Premium Tier)*

Get the natural shade you want when the sun gets to be a bit much, and let in all that beautiful sunlight whenever you like. 

Lifestyle Outdoor Motorized Shade (Premium Tier)*

Take your outdoor experience up a notch with the convenience and ease of motorized solar shades. You’ll love the gorgeous oil-rubbed valance and convenient cable tie-downs! 

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

Designer Ultimate Woven Wood Shades (Luxury Tier)*

Create the ultimate escape in your own backyard, patio, or repurposed rooftop. These timeless woven woods are just what you need for your outdoor entertainment area upgrade project, regardless of style or design.

*Our Luxury Tier products include superior design in distinct styles. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship. Luxury Tier products are for the homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization. Some upgrade features are included.

Your Outdoor Patio Oasis Calls for the Best Customized Solutions

Our philosophy has long held that DIY Design was never meant to be done “ALL by Yourself.” For your dream home’s design, whether for indoors our outside in your back patio, we’re here to help. 

Nothing makes an outdoor patio oasis more enjoyable than attractive bamboo or exterior solar shades to keep the harmful UV rays out of your face, while keeping your patio or deck area cool. SelectBlinds is all about supporting you, all the way from start to finish. We offer you all the helpful resources you’ll need to make your life (and projects) easier, because your success is our success! Make your dream home ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it, without breaking your budget. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you will save plenty of money and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something special. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

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