Spooky Chic: Halloween-Inspired Window Coverings for Your Home

From hosting costume parties to trick-or-treaters, it’s time to get your home and yard ready for Halloween. Don’t let your windows out of the fun! Whether you’re aiming for a full-on haunted house or a subtle nod to the holiday, we’ve got you and your windows covered.

Skeleton hand holding Sleek Roman Shades

Graveyard Decor

Skeletons keep it classy with a timeless black and white ensemble (not that they have much of a choice). Create the look with Shadow in Sleek Roman Shades and Sleek Custom Drapery. The fabric’s matte black paints a dark night with white misshapen circles peering out and creeping around.

Drapery and roller shades in cauldron

Witches Night Out

We’re taking the witch, purple-green color scheme and adjusting it to feel more sophisticated. Instead of the neon green, we’re going with a rich, Velvet Emerald in Vibrant Drapery. We’re also toning down the bright purple to a Suave Lilac in Eclectic Light Filtering Roller Shades. It brings it up to date with Digital Lavender as WGSN’s 2023 Color of the Year. Plus, the lilac pastel balances out the deep emerald when paired together.

Cellular shades and drapery surrounded by candy corn

Candy Corn Chic

Make your home feel like a spooky, fall festival! These bold colors remind us of the popular, yet controversial candy corn. Pair the Vibrant Drapery in Velvet Amber with one of the cellular shades, or just have the window coverings throughout the house. Either way, set the mood and keep out incoming light with the LEVOLOR Room Darkening Cellular Shades in Designer Snow and Designer Medallion.

Roman shade hanging on spider webs

Mummy Motif

Grey on grey on grey is how we’d describe a mummy’s tomb. However, to add some depth to your home, we recommend Elite Modern Roman Shades in Carson Indigo. The shade features stripped, curving patterns of dark grey, white and light grey polyester fabric. The subtle hint of purple undertones represent the decaying bandages.

Hand holding Vibrant Drapery

Vampire Soiree

Can we all agree that vampires are a bit dramatic? After all, Dracula makes quite the statement with eye-catching red cape. We’re amping that drama by layering Sleek Roman Shades in Black Canvas under Vibrant Drapery in Velvety Ruby. This moody color combination is rather hypnotizing, and the luxurious velvet is just the cherry on top.

Make Your Home Look Scary Good

Now you have several options to make your home spook-tacular! Order free samples to find your favorite Halloween-inspired motif! Select up to 15 free samples per day.

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