Guest Blog: Blossoming Into Spring

By Veronica Valencia

Guest Blog by Veronica Valencia

Spring has officially sprung, and I am especially happy for its arrival. With May in full swing, I can already tell that summer is hot on its heels. So, I thought I’d share my favorite ways to welcome one of my favorite seasons before the summer solstice is upon us.

First up, coffee is practically a ceremony in our house, one that my husband Kris and I carry out each day. Over time, we’ve found ways to up our cup of joe game. Our current fave is adding cardamom. In my opinion, cardamom is a spice that should be a staple in every home. It has a bounty of health benefits like flushing toxins, aiding nausea and alleviating tummy trouble. Not only that, it smells delicious! Our current obsession is a cardamom and rose ice latte – Japanese-style iced coffee to be exact. We top ours with crushed, edible rosebuds. It’s delicious, and as Kris has pointed out, borderline addicting. Yum!

Japanese style cardamom ice coffee
Next up is spring’s open invitation to get outside. Go for a walk. Stop and smell the flowers. Soak up some vitamin D while gardening. Ride your bike. That last one was a game changer for me. I’d put my bike in storage for years. On a whim I got it out and quickly discovered the revelation of a simple bike ride. There’s nothing like the fresh, fragranced air of spring, with its jolt of jasmine, orange and honeysuckle breezing by you as you cruise to your morning meeting. One of the perks of running my own studio is that I get to set my day. Spring’s my time to take total advantage of that. I leave my bike by the front door and take a ride around the block in between calls or shoots. It wakes my brain and stirs my soul each time. It’s a ritual that remains straight through summer’s end. I like to keep a stash of travel blankets in my bike basket. They turn every bench, spot of grass, or picnic table into a work station. Add a cup of coffee (for Kris) and mint-infused water (for me) and the two of us can run an entire department meeting from under a tree. Love that.

Guest Blog by Veronica Valencia
Lastly, because every inspiration moment begins and ends with floral for me, spring is undoubtedly one of my fave floral times. Add the farmer’s market, local nursery, or floral counter at your grocery store to your errand list, letting the season’s brightest colors and subtle scents lead you in your selection. Fling open the windows and let the sun shine in throughout your home, from small arrangements in simple vessels to dress your nightstand to full blown bouquets to accent your favorite space. There’s so much hustle and bustle to our lives, spring’s beautiful blooms bring a moment of beauty anywhere you plant them.

Veronica Valencia Interior Designer- Styling bedroom
Captured by @moderntype

Now it’s your turn. Tell me all the ways spring brings a smile to your routine.

Veronica  xo

Ed. Note: Veronica is always springing into action on multiple projects at a time. Check out one of her recent favorites — designing a new nursery for former Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky. See the big reveal here in Us Weekly, and what Ali has to say about Veronica’s exclusive collection of shades for Select Blinds.

Ali Fedotowsky and Veronica Valencia
It’s so hard to decide … Former Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky and Veronica comparing samples from the Veronica Valencia Collection at Select Blinds.

Veronica Valencia got her start behind the scenes, pulling off makeover magic on homes for networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and OWN. Now she’s stepping out in front of the lines with her very own collections at, Barn Light Electric and At Home stores, with more to come. She and her husband, Kristopher Hughes, split their time between NYC, L.A. and wherever their current design project is located. The couple founded The Design Hunters, their interior design, styling and creative services company, in 2013. Inspired by a love of food, wellness and florals, and nearly always outfitted with a trademark hat, her style is a mix of well-traveled details and modern touches. Follow her on Instagram @VeronicaValencia and #vvselectblinds.

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