Fall Decorating Trends for 2023: Festive Window Coverings

Move aside BBQs and pool parties – it’s time for dinner parties and cozy movie nights. Overall, people are starting to host more indoors. It’s time to get your house – and your windows – ready for the holiday season! In this blog post, we’re taking a look at fall decorating trends for 2023 and how your window coverings can get in on the action.

For interior design, we’re seeing moodier tones of the classic fall colors. For example, think of using burgundy accents instead of bright red, or a deep gold instead of a cheerful yellow. Check out these festive window coverings that will wow your guests all season long.

Dapper Roman Shades in Orange Lumber Plaid can be a fall decorating trend

Nothing says fall more than a good plaid, whether that’s a plaid shirt, plaid skirt or plaid window coverings. It’s no wonder plaid is a staple fall trend. These Dapper Roman Shades in Orange Lumber Plaid give a nod to fall without an overbearing amount of orange, and the knitted texture also contributes to the cozy vibes. Because it has various shades of tan, grey and cream, you can leave these up all year round.

Vibrant Drapery in Velvet Citrine can be a fall decorating trend

We love when a fabric works with two different trends. Velvet is a one of the “it” textures for fall, and this Vibrant Drapery is so lush that you’ll find yourself unintentionally brushing up against it. With 200% fullness, the drapery itself creates a cozy, warm ambiance. As for the color, citrine is the birthstone for November and is called the “gift from the sun.” Sounds like the perfect, inviting color to welcome your guests and even welcome you home.

V&A Printed Light Filtering Roller Shades in Pimpernel Sage can be a fall decorating trend

With more time spent indoors, V&A Printed Light Filtering Roller Shades bring in a touch of nature with its repetitive pimpernel design. The romantic pattern is full of earth-inspired pastels that invoke a grounding yet uplifting sensation. Sage, especially, is a trending color and is also making strides in the fashion world this fall. Incorporating these light hues is easy because they don’t compete with bold colors; instead, it compliments them.

Elite Series Roman Shades in Porto Crimson can be a fall decorating trend

This rich, red sets the tone for a sophisticated fall. As part of the red color family, crimson symbolizes love and passion. It’s an stimulating color that can bring energy to the room, which is helpful when hosting. The Elite Series Roman Shades can be paired with champagne or white to convey elegance, or it can be more rustic when coupled with gold and brown hues.

Timeless Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Olive Branch can be a fall decorating trend

The olive green in these Timeless Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shades provides a great backdrop for autumn-colored decor to pop. Similar to Pimpernel Sage, this muted green adds an earthy element to the room that provides a sense of calmness. Plus, cellulars are always a good choice for the cooler weather because it insulates your windows and can reduce your energy costs.

Prestige Ultimate Woven Wood Shades in Sumba Sandcastle can be a fall decorating trend

Prestige Ultimate Woven Wood Shades add depth to a room with its woven texture of natural materials, and its timeless design also matches a variety of home interiors. Because it has diverse undertones, it is able to complement a variety of colors, whether that’s your wall color, furniture or pumpkin decorations. Enjoy gentle light filtering through, or add a room-darkening liner for more light control.

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