Behind the Blinds: Exploring the Duality of Dual Shades

Today we’re going to be talking about dual shades, a pretty interesting type of shade that allows you both privacy, light control and a bit of transparency when you want.

Dual shades are made up of two different repeating bands or stripes of fabric. You’ll have a solid stripe like this here, followed up by a sheer stripe right after that, which allows a pretty unique combination of privacy when you have the solid stripes lined up; and then transparency, when you have the sheer
stripes lined up as such.

When you have the transparent stripes lined up, you get a little bit of light coming through, but nowhere near as much as if you just had the shade completely raised because you’ve still got these solid stripes here blocking some light, creating a nice soft lighting effect that can add a bit of ambiance to your room.

We offer dual shades in pretty much every lift style possible, both cordless, continuous cord loop
as well as motorized versions that are compatible with our new SelectConnect Bridge.

On our website, you’ll see options labeled as light filtering and room darkening, but you’ll notice that none of them are going to be blackout. This is because the layers of the shade are always going to have a bit of a gap in between them, so you’ll never achieve a perfect blackout. But the light filtering and room darkening are referring to the thickness of the striped material here, so some shades will allow a bit more light in when lowered like this and some will block a bit more light out.

There can be some special measuring considerations for dual shades when it comes to the height of them due to the alignment of those bands or stripes. So if you come across any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Design Consultant Team, and they’d be more than happy to help out.

That’s all for this episode of Behind the Blinds. I’m Brandon. See you next week!

Behind the Blinds is our series where we dive into the finer details of everything shades and blinds. For more information about dual shades, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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