Do Louvered Shutters Work in Your Bedroom? 7 Reasons Why They Do

Louvered  shutters (previously referred to as plantation shutters) are not only practical, they are elegant, stylish, and a great investment in your home. They give an unmistakably secure and cozy feel to just about any space. Whether you value a traditional look or a modern look in your home, custom shutters are a viable solution for any bedroom window.

What Are the Benefits of Shutters for a Bedroom?

Because your bedroom is your quiet, private retreat, you want privacy, but also the ability to manage the mood with as much light (or dark) as you prefer. There’s also something timeless about shutters that complements just about any interior décor.  

The best part is, you don’t need to worry about expensive interior designers or installation costs. Knowing some basics about these versatile window coverings can help you make an informed design decision, and start you on your way to becoming a shutters DIY expert in no time. We’ve put together seven reasons why shutters are among the best options to keep any bedroom interior covered.

  1. Color and Material Options

You know how important it is that your window treatments go well with and accent your own personal style of an interior motif. That’s one of the reasons shutters are so popular: the many options you have for materials and complementary colors. The warm, natural, classic look of stained wood is great for some, but you can also go with neutral colors in polyresin or in a hybrid material combination.

2. Maximizing Privacy

Maximum privacy can be achieved with ease with louvered shutters (previously known as plantation shutters), where you need it. The louvers of your shutters can be adjusted to any degree of closure you like to provide privacy and peace of mind. A wide-open view outside or complete darkened quiet, and anything in between. With just the simple movement of a tilt rod.

3. Light and Airflow Control

Sometimes you want to sleep in, and other times you want to brighten up your room. Let a touch of the outdoors into your room by opening up your shutters wide. Or keep the louvers closed, but let in the fresh air while you sleep undisturbed. Your preference.

4. Customizable

Bedroom windows aren’t always necessarily perfect squares or rectangles, and they don’t have any standard size, so they might present a challenge when it comes to finding coverings for them. Some windows are smaller, some are tall and narrow, etc. You can almost always find a way to treat your bedroom windows with custom interior shutters. You can find a custom fit designed to work perfectly for your specific windows.

5. Kid-Friendly

Without dangling cords from your window treatments that can prove dangerous for children and pets, shutters are about as kid-friendly as you can get. You can even install them in your kids’ rooms, worry-free.

6. Practicality

Window treatments are always best when they’re functional and user-friendly. Interior shutters are all that, while being chic and stylish, as well as being easy to clean! Either simply dusting them (wood shutters), or wiping them with a damp cloth and mild soap (poly & hybrid) can keep them looking good as new for years. Another thing: Interior-mounted shutters fit back nicely into your window’s recess, giving an added measure of space to your room.

7. Energy Efficiency

You may not have considered this, but many shutters are designed with hollow louvers that can trap heat (similar to cellular shades), to keep incoming heat out of your interior in the summer, and to keep things cozy and warm during the winter, by trapping heat before it can escape. Energy-efficient window treatments can help you keep your utility bills low, all year long.

Take a look at your many options for shutter materials:

Wood Shutters

Never underestimate how classically stylish real wood shutters can make your interior look. They are very lightweight, more than faux wood, poly, and hybrid shutters are. Be careful in humid environments, as the wood can potentially warp, mold, or split. If you live in a humid climate, you may want to consider faux wood shutters.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters are made of polyresin and they offer the look of traditional wood, while offering moisture resistance for high moisture areas like bathrooms and over the kitchen sink. Faux wood shutters are also scratch-proof and extra long-lasting.

Poly Shutters

With all the strength and feel of real wood shutters, our poly shutters are crafted with care out of patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant materials. They feature a crisp, patented finish, and are super easy to clean and care for. No painting, repairing, or replacement is ever needed for the life of your shutters.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters offer the best of both worlds regarding materials, by combining the austere look of real hardwood frames with the resilience of solid poly panels. The result is a custom window treatment that doesn’t just bring in a stylish vibe. The panels help insulate windows and doors almost two-thirds better than wood shutters to help keep energy bills low and rooms more comfortable. As with poly shutters, you never need to worry about yellowing, cracking, chipping, splitting, or warping.

However you decide to treat the windows in your bedroom, always keep in mind that shutters are among the most effective and smart solutions available. Happy window treating!

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