Behind the Blinds: Do I Need Edge Binding?

Today we’re going to be talking about edge binding. It’s a feature that can be added to most of our woven wood shades and roman shades that has a couple of different key benefits. Edge binding is referring to a small strip of material that wraps around the front and rear of the shade along the edges of any side of the fabric.

So this woven wood that I have behind me here, you’ll see on the valance there’s edge binding on the bottom and sides of it, as well as on the shade itself with that edge binding along the sides and bottom.

When it comes to edge binding, there’s a wide range of colors available. The shade that I have behind me here, we have a nice dark brown shade with a grey edge binding on it to add a little pop of color. But you could also go with a more color-coordinating edge binding that just kind of cleans up the edges of that.

Another more design oriented benefit to edge binding is that it can really change the lines of the shade. As you’ll see on some of these shades over here, the edges are a little bit frayed by design. It’s not anything wrong with the fabric, but it’s a little more rough around the edge, kind of a tiki surf style look. Whereas when you add edge binding to a shade, you’re going to have very clean, crisp, sharp lines on every side of it.

One of the bigger, potentially more overlooked benefits to edge binding is the additional durability that it adds to the shade, especially when it comes to woven wood shades, considering the fact that they are a natural material. They can fray a little earlier in their life span than some other types of shades, but that edge binding really holds everything together and will keep that shade looking nice and fresh for longer.

We have a couple of different options for edge binding on our site in terms of colors, where it goes on the shade, and what types of shades it can be applied to. If you come across any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Design Consultant Team, and they’d be more than happy to help you out however they can.

That’s all for this week’s episode of Behind the Blinds. I’m Brandon. See you next week!

Behind the Blinds is our series where we dive into the finer details of everything shades and blinds. For more information about edge binding, call or chat with one of our Design Consultants at (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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