A Definitive Guide to Picking the Right Window Covering for Your Home

Ranging from privacy to style, there are several considerations that you need to make before you choose a window covering for your home. With a plethora of options in the form of drapes, blinds, and shades in the market today, it can be quite an overwhelming task to actually zero in on the one which suits your needs perfectly. Whether you want your windows to exude a vintage aura or signify practical functionality, your choice of window covering has a major impact on the entire character of your home. Before you head to the store and pick a blind or shade, there are a few things that you might want to consider.

Privacy and Light

Choice - light filtering and blackout,

The first question that you need to ask yourself is how much light and privacy you want inside your home. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to have a cozy and buttoned-up environment or more airy and bright rooms. Do you wish to have a complete blackout option in your bedroom for a snug siesta or a sheer drape in your living room that lights up the decor and furniture? Are your windows located on the sunny walls of your home or adjacent? The answers to these questions will help you decide upon the most appropriate draping style for your home.

Your Budget

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com
Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

Well, your budget is definitely something you should keep in mind when considering home improvement. Depending on whether you wish to buy the drapes for a specific window or for the entire house, you will need to carefully design a price range. Window coverings are billed by the size and the fabric, so make your choice accordingly.

Care and Maintenance

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com
Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

You need to understand how the different fabrics and styles respond to dust and how much time and effort you are willing to spare for their care and maintenance. Although your conventional blinds can be major accumulators of dust, they are easy to clean with a damp cloth or brushes. Shades, on the other hand, are able to hide the dust within their weaves, but they need proper vacuuming on a regular basis.

Your Design Theme

Pick your design theme.

Look around your house. What do you see? Do the interiors follow a chic and contemporary theme or a more vintage and classic design style? Would you prefer the windows exude a colorful and vibrant aura or have a more earthy and subtle appeal? Your home is your canvas, and it is entirely up to you to decide how to dress it up or down.

Windows represent the focal point of the rooms in our homes and need to be styled in the most functional and creative way possible.

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