Crush Your New Year Resolutions with the Right Window Treatment

New year, new you? It’s that time of year where we make resolutions to better ourselves and our lives. This may be a surprise, but having the right window blinds or shades can actually help you achieve your goals.

Take a look at typical New Year Resolutions and see which window covering or feature you need!

Exercise More with Top Down Bottom Up Shades

For those who prefer home workouts, a Top Down Bottom Up Shade is great if your TV is by a window facing the street. Keep the bottom down for privacy, and lower the top part to let in light. You can focus on hitting your PR without worrying that your neighbors are seeing you sweat.

Premier Light Filtering TriShades in Flan DC

Save Money with Cellular Shades

Save green by going green with cellular shades; they are known for being energy efficient. The “cell” construction traps air and provides insulation from the heat and cold. Plus, the soft fabric diffuses light and reduces heat from entering the room, saving you money on electricity.

Be sure to ask yourself these five questions to get the best cellular shade for your home!

Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars in Blueberry

Improve Quality Time with the Cordless Lift System

Focus on what really matters: creating memories with friends and family! All our products come with a Cordless Lift option, which is the safest choice for homes with young children and pets. As a bonus, your room will automatically have a clean look once it’s free of dangling cords.

Designer Reserve Roman Shades in Naples Grey

Sleep More with Room Darkening Shades

Blackout, or room darkening, shades are your wingman for this resolution vs normal window blinds. In fact, blackout window coverings block up to 98% of outside light, and our Designer Sleep Shades eliminate any lingering light with their standard side tracks.

If one of our room darkening shades isn’t your style, you can always upgrade to a room darkening liner for your current window covering.

Designer Sleep Shades in Weathered Wood

Reinvent Yourself & Get Window Coverings to Match

Reinventing yourself can mean a lot of different things, but let’s say you want to focus on your personal style. You want to go more maximalist, minimalist, etc. New window blinds or shades can help.

In terms of appearance, for a traditional atmosphere, check out Roman shades, wood or faux wood blinds, and shutters. For a modern look, consider panel tracks, dual shades, or roller shades

Left: 2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Cherry Embossed; Right: Premier Light Filtering Dual Shade in Bonobo

And for those who want to really stand out, we offer several patterns in our Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Drapery. We personally love the geometric design options in our Black And White Light Filtering Roller Shades!

Black And White Light Filtering Roller Shades in Cream Vector

P.S. If you’re looking for the latest interior design trend, we gathered seven Colors of the Year 2023 to save you time!

Travel More with Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

Motorization can reduce your stress while traveling. Can’t remember if you lowered the shades? Use your smartphone to check and adjust them if necessary.

You also can program your Motorized Lift to raise and lower your shades throughout the day. It’ll look like you’re home, and it is more cost-effective than leaving a couple lights on 24/7.

Motorized Architect Light Filtering Roller in Domino

While we have a variety of shades that can be upgraded with a Motorized Lift, at this time, our Architect Wood Blinds are the only window blinds that provide the feature.

2″ Architect Wood Blinds in Hazel Greige

Sounds like a new year, new view to us!

Order today to get them as soon as you can! Need help figuring out which window blinds can help you reach your goal? Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants for more info! Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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