How Do You Buy Curtains For Door Windows? Upgrading Your Patio or Sliding Glass Doors

How do you decorate your sliding glass or French patio doors? There are numerous options of window coverings that offer privacy, light control, and in some cases, even insulation from heat and sound. Consider curtains as a viable option for upgrading your patio doors.

How Do You Cover a French Patio Door Window?

French doors, sometimes referred to as Farmhouse doors, are a popular and commonly seen option for patio doors. These doors usually have one or more glass panels, can either be single or double doors, and they can open by swinging inward or outward. Less commonly, you might see “Dutch doors” in use as a windowed patio door (you can either open the top half of the door, or the bottom, or both haves – but each half of these doors can operate independently of the other). 

French doors make a beautiful and bold style statement. They let in plenty of natural light, offer a view to the outside, give an elegant touch to any space. Shutters are commonly used to cover French door/patio door windows, but curtains are definitely an upgrade solution. 

You don’t have to simply hang curtains over the entire French door. You can get customized curtains sized to fit the glass areas. You’ll be able to filter natural light in, while addressing your privacy concerns.Plus, curtains on your French doors are an easy way to add a splash of color to your interior.

What Kind of Window Coverings Can You Put on a Sliding Glass Door?

In addition to French doors, sliding glass doors are popular choices for many homeowners, to be able to easily move between an indoor living area and out to the back patio or deck. Sliding glass doors slide back and forth horizontally on a track to open and close, and are typically a large glass window. They let in plenty of natural light, especially the larger the windows are. Effectively covering such a potentially large, high-traffic passageway, considering privacy and light management, is a great puzzle to solve. 

There are many options for French door windows and for sliding glass doors. That’s why fashion-savvy curtains are definitely a viable solution for covering your sliding glass door for which you don’t need to worry about obstructing your door’s operation or your ability to pass through while entering or exiting. Cover your door completely, or use matching tiebacks to pull your curtains to the sides. You’ll have a wide selection of colors, fabrics, prints, and patterns to choose from. You can even coordinate with your interior décor design.

Following are some of our customer-favorite curtains we share with you.

Classic Curtains (Signature Class)*

Classic Curtains are very popular grommet-style panel curtains among our site visitors. These curtains nicely adorn your windows with a unique coastal touch and feel. Use them to coordinate with your decor throughout your space, all for a budget-friendly price.

Tranquil Sheer Vertical Shades  (Signature Class)*

A versatile, upscale window treatment that offers you the privacy you need, while still being able to enjoy the incoming breeze. The flowing elegance and coverage of curtains with the separate, hanging vanes and spacing of vertical shades. Part them to pass through, in and out between your home and patio or deck.

Farmhouse Curtains (Signature Class)*

Treat your windows right with a quick and easy Farmhouse-style refresh. A stylish combination of weathered shabby chic meeting a modern industrial aesthetic. Just the touch your home needs.

*Our Signature Class products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. They are made with durable materials. The Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond basic solution that is also affordable.

You *Can* DIY

Treat your windows right with the right window treatments. Fine tune those interior design instincts, and save yourself plenty of money in the process. Make your space your own and make it something you’ll be proud to live in. You’ll love all the things you can do for your patio/sliding glass windows, along with the rest of your interior!

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