Celebrate Window Covering Safety Month in Style!

October is finally here and you know what that means (or at least you should)! It’s Window Covering Safety Month! And to celebrate the first Window Covering Safety Month since the introduction of the new standard last December, we’re offering free cordless upgrades on nearly all of our wonderful, custom products. 

Let SelectBlinds.com help keep your baby safe!

But what is this standard we’re referring to, you might ask? Well, basically it means that any window coverings manufactured after December 15, 2018 have to either be cordless or have inaccessible cords. And that goes for all stock products, like those you would find prepackaged in big-box retail stores.

Custom products, on the other hand, can still be made with cords. Since cordless options don’t necessarily meet every individual’s needs, it’s important that corded varieties still exist. Even so, the new standard mandates that any cords be no more than 40% of the height of the window covering. It also requires the replacement of all corded tilt systems with wands.

However, if you’ve got kids or fur-babies around, we’d recommend against them. So, what can you do to make your home safe at the start of this holiday season?

Upgrade to Cordless Window Coverings!

The best option to maximize safety is to replace any corded window coverings with cordless. Eliminate the threat and you’ll never have to worry again. Start with rooms where your children and pets spend the most time and spread out from there. Pretty soon your entire house will be safe! And if you need help finding the perfect cordless window covering, check out our helpful kid-friendly cordless buying guide! 

Wind-Ups, Cord Cleats & Wraps – Oh My!

Use cord cleats if you don't have cordless!

You don’t necessarily have to replace your window treatments to make them cordless. Nor do you have to chop them down or board up your windows. Cord cleats, wraps and wind-ups, however, are much more reasonable and inexpensive options. They quickly and easily allow you to conceal and organize stray cords. If you aren’t sure which kind of cord management solution you want, try a few! We’re willing to bet there’s a solution out there that’s perfect for you.

Cut your cords to spite your cleats!

If you have cords, keep them short!

Can’t stand cord cleats or other cord safety gadgets? Take the easy approach and simply cut your cords. Careful not to cut them too short, though! And remember, don’t tie any knots in the end to join them. It might make organization easier, but adding a knot at the end of your cords can make them even more dangerous for wandering hands and mouths.

Rearrange your furniture to maximize safety!

Kelley Nan Nursery with SelectBlinds Shades
Designer/Blogger Kelly Nan’s Nursery featuring
Select Blinds Designer Reserve Woven Wood Shades in Bali White 

When you fill your home with furniture galore, a large part of our brain focuses on form over function. And while that’s important, it’s also important to keep in mind potential dangers. Move all beds, couches, cribs and any other climbable furnishings away from windows with corded coverings. If it’s impossible to move something, refer back to the previous three suggestions. 

Cords and kids do NOT go together.  Go cordless!

Do you have a solution we didn’t mention for maximizing blind cord safety? Not sure which is the best window covering for your little one? Try our kid-friendly cordless buying guide or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you #gocordless and find your perfect covering.

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