Build Your Dream House with Stylish Pink Window Coverings

At SelectBlinds, we have just about every color under the sun, and today we’re focusing on a color that’s fantastic: pink! This color can evoke a wide spectrum of emotions, depending on the shade. At its core, pink is a mixture of reds (which often symbolizes passion, love, aggression) and white (symbolizing calmness, purity, innocence).

If you haven’t noticed recently, hot pink (aka childhood nostalgia) is being promoted everywhere. The world is obsessed – rightfully so – with a certain blonde icon, and we are jumping on the “Barbiecore” bandwagon. See how you can doll up your home with these pink shades!

This shade is the life of the party

This visually tantalizing Jewel Tone Drapery is sure to catch the eye of every guest. Tourmaline is the deepest pink across all our window coverings, and its vibrant hue will keep the party energy up. With its perfect combination of fashion and functionality, your drapery will be the talk of the night.

This shade is good with kids

This calming, dreamy hue is perfect for kids’ playrooms, creating a relaxing environment for the kid and the parents. On the lighter edge of the pink spectrum, Avery Sweet Pink kindles kindness and an uplifting, positive mood. The Little Dreamer Light Filtering Roller Shades filter in just the right amount of soft light into your child’s play space while maintaining privacy. It’s kid-friendly with the standard Cordless lift, or optional Motorized Remote lift.

This shade is our childhood grown up

Wispy Rose reminds us of our childhood with its bubblegum pink coloring. Like all sheer shades, the Luxe Modern Room Darkening Sheer Shades are made from a delicate polyester fabric, but don’t let that deter you. You get increased UV protection, heat reduction and light control with these contemporary room-darkening shades. When the shade is fully lowered, the fabric slats open and allow an outside view.

This shade is in its soft girl era

This Wetland Clay hue is elegant and feminine. We love that it’s used for Lifestyle Roman Shades and Lifestyle Custom Drapes because of its soft, flow-y nature. While this product works for cottage-core or farmhouse interiors, it can also work for more modern settings. Choosing the soft fold on your roman shades gives you a drapery-like look because its material gently folds as the shade is raised. It balances the defined angles often found in contemporary furniture and fixtures.

This shade is eco-friendly

It’s the same bubblegum pink that was mentioned earlier, but the Luxe Modern Light Filtering Cellular Shades is a more energy-efficient shade. Its cellular construction traps air and heat, insulating your home in the winter and summer, and saving you money on electricity. It even absorbs noise, making this shade perfect for an office, guest room, or primary bedroom. The popular 3/4″ pleats look great in wide windows, and these shades can be framed with curtains or drapes to create dimension.

This shade is all business

Pale Dogwood is here to get the job done and look good doing it. Its muted, matte rose pink is sophisticated while practical. Made from original aluminum, these 1″ Luxe Modern Cordless Aluminum Blinds are more durable than blinds made from recycled aluminum. The lightweight, horizontal slats are constructed to keep their form if opened incorrectly from time to time (who doesn’t peek through to see who’s at the door). You get an elevated look with its pink color coordination from the headrail to bottom rail, and the built-in cordless lift is also safe for kids and pets.

Ready to Build Your Dream House?

These are just a few shades you can choose from (see more here)! Complement pink window treatments with earth tones for desert vibes or bright colors for Palm Beach aesthetics. Remember, no matter your career – astronaut, tour guide, nurse – it’s easy to order and install any of our custom-made DIY blinds!

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