Alicia Chan

Alicia Chan

Holiday Gift Guide: Window Covering Edition

What’s a present that you can basically guarantee no one else is gifting? High-quality window coverings. From gamers to nature enthusiasts, we have a window covering for everyone on your holiday gift list. Keep reading to see what to get…

Top No-Drill Blinds for Living Rooms + Kitchens

Whether it’s game night, movie night or board night, you’re the host with the most in your circle of friends. With how many times the same guests have been over, maybe you’re wanting to freshen up the main hang-out areas,…

How to Clean Window Blinds & Window Shades

Cleaning window blinds and shades isn’t top of mind for most people unless they’re deep cleaning. However, adding window coverings to a regular cleaning checklist will help keep them in great shape and rid your home of extra allergens. (Horizontal…

No-Drill Blinds Simplify Holiday Hosting

The to-do list feels never-ending when it comes to hosting over the holiday season. However, updating your window coverings doesn’t need to be stressful, thanks to No-Drill Blinds! These products have headrails that require, you guessed it, no drills when…

What’s Better? Wood Shutters or Vinyl Shutters?

Transform your house with the unsurpassed style of shutters! For centuries, they’ve been the epitome of elegance. They evolved from their static, marble construction back in ancient Greece to the moveable, wood and vinyl variations we know today. Vinyl can…

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