Are Room Darkening Shades Worth It?

Premier Room Darkening Dual Shade in Fossa
Premier Room Darkening Dual Shade in Fossa

If having a private, low-lit room is important to you, then absolutely, they’re worth it! Room darkening shades do exactly what they say – they darken a room.

Because of their vinyl material, they block up to 95% of incoming light. This results in lower energy costs, increased privacy, and increased protection against UV rays.

Room darkening shades are the ideal option for rooms that needs less sunlight, such as theater rooms or nurseries. They also are great for people who want to improve their sleep cycle. Dark rooms have been shown to help people fall asleep faster and even improve their health!

Common Questions About Room Darkening Shades

What’s the difference between room darkening shades and blackout shades?

Room darkening blinds, or shades, block out up to 95 percent of incoming light. Blackout shades can block out up to 99 percent.

What if a shade I like isn’t technically “room darkening”?

Several window shades, like woven wood shades, have an option to upgrade to a room darkening or blackout liner. The liner restricts light from going through the shades’ fabric.

How can I block or limit light coming in from the sides?

Whether you have a room darkening shade or not, you can mount your window covering on the outside to prevent extra light from filtering in through the sides. Another way to accomplish a room darkening effect is to layer curtains over your window treatment.

Here are some we’re loving right now!

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