All About The Plantation Shutter: Cost & Cultural Shift

As unpredictable as our world can be, isn’t it comforting to know we can rely on sunlight and nightfall to dictate our day? Of course, determining how much or how little of each we welcome into our homes is entirely up to us, so it helps to install adjustable window coverings to adapt to every shade of the day.

Shutters offer complete light control as blinds and blackout coverings, but depending on louver width, they can offer more variety in angle intensity, and interior design aesthetic. Need to maximize sunlight for your finicky fiddle-leaf figs and indoor potted succulents? Just tilt the louvers and position the hinged panels to your every need.

Shouldn’t The Term “Plantation” Be Cancelled?

In a word, yes. The term refers to the large farms that were the economic basis of many of the 17th- through the 19th-Century American colonies that relied on forced African slave labor. In the 1950s, the term was reappropriated by Southern resorts and housing developments to romanticize the plantation as a place of grandeur, affluence, and sprawling landscapes, disassociating it from centuries of brutal forced labor and cruelty.

In early 2021, the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations dropped the latter half of its official name on state documents and websites. And before that, Pinterest and The Knot ceased in promoting plantation venues or any kind of plantation-related wedding inspiration.

However, though “plantation shutter” still lingers in the zeitgeist of interior design and home decorating, and we support the shifting of the term toward “Louvered Shutter,” in the hope it catches on quickly. 

We believe this name aptly pays homage to the original ancient Greek design and wood-louvered window coverings that came to our continent by way of Spanish settlers. Before glass was made affordable, shutters’ hinged panels and strong wooden slats not only provided privacy and kept critters out, but also protected homes from ocean storms and heavy coastal winds.

How Much do Louvered Shutters or Plantation Shutters Cost?

Prices for custom-made window shutters are dependent on the materials, size, the number of rooms being outfitted, and any additional special features you might like. For example, our patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant poly shutters start  at $218 for a 26” w x 36” h window. But when you consider their beauty, the energy efficiency, and the illusion of more interior space they bring into a room, their value is almost immeasurable.

With varying degrees of insulation to choose from to protect the home from outdoor heat and cold, shutters lower utility bills, and decrease long-term home maintenance costs.

And as low maintenance is always a high selling point, window shutters bolster the appraisal value of your home. And knowing our custom interior window shutters are made to the measurement of your unique windows’ dimensions, they’ll stay with the home and make an enticing impression on prospective buyers.

According to Sotheby’s real estate professional Renay Andrews, “Interior window shutters are a huge asset to have when selling a home. They absolutely increase market value by a substantial amount. Buyers see them as an amenity.”

Whether made of wood or faux, whether stained or painted, we make it simple, by categorizing our window shutters into four easy-to-shop classes:

1. Essential Class

These shutters are a great starting point for first-time homeowners that are looking for budget-friendly solutions. Custom-crafted from materials known for strength and easy cleaning, they’re ideal for areas of high wear and tear, like kids’ rooms.

Classic Faux Wood Shutters

These louvers are constructed with scratch-resistant polyresin that looks just like traditional wood shutters, but won’t warp or fade in areas of high moisture.

2. Signature Class

This class of window shutters features thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Custom-built with durable materials and affordable, the Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution to complement statement decor.

Classic Hybrid Window Shutters

Available in eight neutral hues, this transitional style complements any interior design motif, from farmhouse to urban modern. It also combines the beauty of real wood frames with the affordability and durability of high-quality poly louvers.

3. Premium Class

This design territory features lasting designs in timeless styles. Styled in high-quality materials, the Premium Class is the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last.

Lifestyle Painted Shutter

If you’re looking to extend, not just blend, with your interior décor, these painted shutters come in a variety of colors. Featuring painted real wood frames and antimicrobial, moisture-resistant poly panels, they’ll endure decades of wear and tear.

4. Luxury Class

Created for grand living, and the style-minded homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization, the Luxury Class features superior designs in bespoke compositions. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship.

Architect Stained Shutter

For those unique, woodgrain patterns and traditional elegance only real wood can offer, these shutters come in a variety of stains and configurations. Rich, classic, and built-to-last, they’re an impressive display, whether from the couch or curb.

An Easy DIY Investment

Whether you know them as window shutters, louvered coverings, or plantation shutters, consider our louvered designs yet another element in our busy, ever-changing world you can rely on for privacy, high value, and high style. Our easy-to-install, customs designs arrive ready-to-install, so along with energy savings, installation cost is another factor you’ll save on.

Window shop to see what shutters can do for your home!

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