Privacy with Elegance: Sheer Shades Offer Privacy Without Losing Light

Minimalist bedroom featuring 2" Tranquil Room Darkening Sheer Shades
2″ Tranquil Room Darkening Sheer Shades in Beige Agate

Sheer shades are a dreamy, high-end designer look that gives windows a dramatic edge and rooms a cool, contemporary vibe. However, there’s a misconception that they’re completely see-through due to the “sheer” in its name. This is not the case, and sheer shades are in fact, a way to provide privacy without losing natural light.

How Do Sheer Shades Work?

Sheer blinds are made with horizontal, solid fabric slats that appear to “float” between two layers of soft, translucent fabric.

3" Room Darkening Sheer Shades in Trolley Grey with a Motorized Wand

The solid fabrics block an outside view when closed, and the sheer fabric slats only open once the shade is fully lowered.

Due to the opacity of the sheer shades, there is a lightly veiled visibility both looking in and out, so you can enjoy the outdoor view while having your shades lowered.

Pictured: 3″ Room Darkening Sheer Shades in Trolley Grey with a Motorized Wand

Types of Sheer Shades

Choose a light-filtering sheer shade to create a soft, ethereal ambiance by diffusing harsh sunlight. If you want a little more light blockage, choose room-darkening sheer shades. They’re a great solution for media rooms, baby’s room and home theaters. Whether the slats are opened or closed, both types of sheer shades protect against harmful UV rays.

Girl's nursery with 3" Room Darkening Sheer Shades in Afternoon Delight
3″ Room Darkening Sheer Shades in Afternoon Delight

These shades are often complemented by cassettes with color-coordinated fabric inserts to cover the headrail, which creates a sleek, streamlined look. And like all of our window treatments here at SelectBlinds, all of our sheer styles come with Cordless Lift options for a safer and easier operation.

Choosing the Right Size

Our sheer window coverings come in three slat size options – 2”, 2½”, and 3”. We suggest 2” slats for smaller windows for a balanced, cohesive look. Two-inch slats lay flatter and closer to the window, so they’re perfect for windows with narrow sills, too.

For a more unobstructed view through your shades, try 2½” slats. They’re ideal for medium-sized windows, but make quite the visual impact on small windows as well. Covering larger, wider, or deeper windows? Three-inch slats raise the design bar while giving you the widest view to the outside.

Because of the slats’ fused construction, it’s very important to measure correctly. Reference our Measuring Guide to ensure you get the best angle and visibility when the shade is open.

Japandi-styled home office with 2 1/2" Tranquil Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Turtle Shell Brown
2 1/2″ Tranquil Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Turtle Shell Brown

How Do I Clean Sheer Shades?

To keep them looking their best, follow these cleaning tips:

  • Use a feather duster to clean the outer layer of fabric.
  • To get rid of dust between layers, use a blow dryer on the cool air setting.
  • For any stains, first try gently bolting them out with a soft cloth and warm water. Add mild detergent – without bleach – if necessary.

A Sheer Delight

Impress your guests – and yourself – with the elegance and functionality of sheer shades! These window coverings may be delicate, but they still provide privacy and sufficient light control.

Cozy bedroom with 2 1/2" Classic Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Pearl True White
2 1/2″ Classic Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Pearl True White

If you have more questions, get free assistance from our Design Consultant Team by calling (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

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