4 Stylish Upgrade Ideas for Your Patio Door with Curtain Panels

You might find yourself challenged to find just the right functional and stylish window treatments for your wide glass patio door or sliding glass door. Have you considered panel curtains? Curtains/drapery give you the option to go traditional, but also to go with a more contemporary style for your widewindowed doors.

These large glass windows let in a lot of beautiful, natural light and are a sought-after feature in many of today’s homes, but you still need to account for privacy and light control. Just because there are options for covering your sliding glass door or widewindowed doors, they may not fit in with your décor, or be user friendly. Vertical blinds are a common choice for wide windows and glass patio doors, for example, but maybe you’re looking for a different look and feel.  

Do You Put Curtains on Patio Doors?

Short answer: absolutely! Whether decorating a space, showcasing your amazing view, or managing privacy needs, there’s a window treatment to suit your every need. But don’t ever underestimate the power of stylish curtains and drapes.

Curtains are an incredibly cost-effective solution for large windows and glass doors/sliding doors.

What Curtains to Select for a Sliding Door: Some Things to Consider

Before settling on curtains or drapery for your patio doors, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your curtains and curtain rod are sized correctly. For example, if your curtain rod runs just to the edge of the frame of your glass patio door, the curtain stack may get in the way of your entrances and exits through that door. Be sure your curtain rod is long enough to extend beyond the door frame to allow your curtains to fully open, allowing free use of the door. Also, measure your curtains accurately, so they have width enough to close completely without looking like they’re drawn too tightly. 

Pro Tip: Hang your patio door curtains so they extend downward to about an inch above the floor – this will help keep them clean and out of the way.

  • Be judicious in your color selection.
    Since sliding glass doors and glass patio doors are known to have a sizable surface area, be aware of this when you decide your curtain color. Bold colors or patterns that look amazing on a smaller window might be overwhelming amidst your interior design when covering a larger area.

Pro tip: You might consider coordinating your curtains with your wall color for a more contemporary, seamless look.

  • Should your curtains open to the left or to the right?
    A good rule of thumb is to have your curtains open in the same direction as the door. If your door opens from the left to the right, make sure your curtains open that way.
  • Use curtain tiebacks to get more out of your curtains.
    When patio doors are open, curtains may get blown around in the breeze, exposing them to dirt and dust – flowy curtains can also create a tripping hazard. Keep your curtains drawn back and held in place with curtain tiebacks. More style and more functionality.
  • Try to avoid pocket-style curtains for patio doors. Pocket-style curtains look great on many kinds of windows, but they don’t easily open and close. Grommet-style or pinch pleat curtains are your best options.

Select Blinds Customer and Staff Favorites

Check out some of our customer and staff favorites below:

Classic Curtains (Signature Class)*

Classic Curtains are customer favorite grommet-style panel curtains that can adorn your windows with a unique touch of coastal lifestyle. Coordinate these curtains throughout your space, at a budget-friendly price.

Select Custom Drapes/Curtains (Signature Class)*

Wow-factor! Check out the tailored corners and weighted hems on pleated or grommet drapery panels that can create a beautiful balance between your window and your décor with accents available in matching fabric.

Cozy Curtains (Signature Class)*

Get some cozy on with these lush, rippling window curtains. Bring calm and relaxation into your space with casual elegance. Soft to the touch, comforting, and hushed.

*Our Signature Class products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. They are made with durable materials. The Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond basic solution that is also affordable.

Jewel Tone Curtains (Premium Class)*

A perfect combination of style and function comes with this visually tantalizing jewel-toned window drapery. Manage light and privacy in style. Perfect for any room.

*Our Premium Class products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, The Premium Class is the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last.

A Bonus Recommendation:

Tranquil Sheer Vertical Shades (Signature Class)*

Looking for a versatile, upscale window treatment to give you the privacy you need, while enjoying the incoming breeze? It’s here, and without losing that amazing view through your large windows.

DIY Your House Into Your Dream Home

Nothing fills a space or makes a home feel warmer than our beautiful window treatments. Fine tune those interior DIY design instincts, and save yourself plenty of money in the process. We can help you transform your house into your dream home! Treat your windows right with the right window treatments.

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