4 Indoor Alternatives to Exterior Window Treatments

Unless you’re going for the minimalist look or enjoy increased energy bills by allowing too much UV light and heat to penetrate your home, there’s nothing colder or more impersonal than an undressed window.  

Installing shutters and shades is an easy way to extend a warm welcome while adding practical benefits to your windows. For example, colored exterior shutters and slide panel window coverings can completely transform the design and color scheme of your facade for a fraction of a paint job’s cost — and will last longer. Closeable exterior shutters also help keep the house cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter in addition to shielding windows from the elements. 

But you also can achieve all these benefits, and even increased energy efficiency, by dressing your windows from the inside. After all, indoors is where you spend most of your time. And why should the neighbors and passersby enjoy the visual beauty of your window coverings when you did all the work?

A well-layered window adds textural interest, warmth, and can help tell the story of your home’s definitive design point of view. In other words, mix and match cellular shades, rich textiles and shutters to make your home look all your own. Just envision how the combination of rich, basin-stained wood louvered shutters and sumptuous burgundy velvet curtains would look against a frosted winter windowpane. What’s “cozier than being cozy”? But don’t take our word for it. Explore all our key coverings in the world of window treatments and create the combination that’s right for you.

1. Interior Window Shutters

Providing all the light, cold-blocking benefits, and stately elegance exterior shutters provide indoors, interior louvered shutters are a statement in interior window dressing. Two options we love are our Luxurious Architect Stained Shutter and our Premium Lifestyle Painted Shutter. Both offer the same effects in different ways.

Luxury Class: Highest-quality materials for pure indulgence and design excellence.

Crafted from wood and great for complementing traditional and farmhouse style interiors, the one-of-a-kind woodgrain patterns offer that rustic texture that only the real thing can deliver. 

Premium Class: Timeless style and made-to-last design.

With painted slats, these shutters deliver a more contemporary look to your windows. 

2. Cellular Shades

Known for their clean, contained look, cellular shades complement a variety of interiors. A major benefit of cellular shades is the excellent insulation they provide. Their honeycomb construction traps the air inside, guarding against both heat and cold. Cellular shades also feature light-diffusing capabilities. Light-filtering cellular shades can let you set the mood in any room with a soft, warm glow.

Essential Class: Budget-friendly, durably made and simple in design.

Crafted with single-cell honeycomb pleats, these wrinkle-free polyester shades come in ten classic colors and feature a clutterless, cordless lift. 

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

Featuring the patented Lift & Lock™ system for touch-button control and a variety of hues, this is our best cellular shade for those looking to add an unexpected pop of color.

3. Roman and Bamboo Shades

Like cellular shades, Roman and bamboo shades serve as the perfect layer between your window pane and interior louvered shutters to add drama and elegance to your décor. Known for their soft, modern polish, Roman shades are simply fabric window coverings that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord system and ring sewn on the back of the fabric. When raised, the fabric stacks evenly in horizontal folds. Similar in design, bamboo shades are made of natural woven wood, delivering a more earthy look and organic texture.

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

In over 51 color, stripe, and pattern options, this design is a home decorator’s dream come true. It features linen-like to matte velvet polyester or polyester blends, with optional remote control operation.

Premium Class: Timeless style and made-to-last design.

Featuring natural, eco-friendly materials and a variety of textures and hues, these bamboo shades are a long-lasting design for any room.

Luxury Class: Highest-quality materials for pure indulgence and design excellence.

Chic, contemporary and available in a plethora of patterns and optional motorization, these shades also include a standard light-filtering liner.

These custom bamboo-based, woven wood Roman window treatments come in a collection of one-of-a-kind colors to complement coastal to boho chic décor.

Tip: If you’re pairing louvered shutters with Roman or bamboo shades, you’ll need to measure and mount the shutters on the outside of your window casings.

4. Curtains

Whether you decide on layering cellular, Roman or bamboo window shades — or even blinds, with shutters, curtains offer draped elegance and fine texture to your wall. Our selection allows you to customize the opacity with optional semi- or total blackout-level liners. For wide windows, remember you can double up and pair colors for a striped or multi-colored look.

Essential Class: Budget-friendly, durably made, and simple in design.

Whether shade-covered or bare, any window will benefit from the added layer of these essential curtains. Customizable with three levels of liners and in a variety of colors, they’re made to make them all your own.

Signature Class: Equal-parts trend-conscious, affordable, and durably made.

Equal parts casual and classic, these easy-care fabric curtains are available in Chenille- and Chambray-inspired fabrics for classic, country Americana-inspired texture in your window’s look.

Designed to bring a formal flair to your windows, these curtains offer a rich fabric selection, with a subtle, glam-filled shimmer.

Combined with the right product knowledge (easily found on our site) and your personal taste and color preferences, custom-creating the right window dressings for your home is a breeze. Select Blinds offers countless ways to make your house a home with easy-to-install interior shutters and shades at just about everyone’s budget. 

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