3 Reasons Why We Love White Linen Curtains

Window treatments, including curtains and drapes, set the mood in any room. You might like your design to be casual and easy, or you might prefer bold and dramatic. Not to mention light filtering as a mood setter. Curtains can give your room increased height, depth, and overall presence. Linen and linen-inspired fabrics hang beautifully and are easy to keep smooth and full over the course of time. Neutral colors, like white, bring something special to whatever look you’re trying to achieve.

Consider the feel of the space you’re trying to adorn. Do you want them to make an upfront design statement? Or perhaps you prefer them as a backdrop to complement or highlight the décor. An elegant look? Or a more chic look? You have no shortage of options (color, texture, weight, etc.), and each option makes a great deal of impact in your overall design plans. 

Linen is a classic fabric, always popular for home furnishings, and it never seems to fade out of style. While natural linen drapes have their own appeal because of their texture and weave, linen-inspired fabrics give curtains a functionality and ability to impact your decorating space.

  1. Is Linen a Good Fabric for Curtains?

Linen and linen-inspired fabrics often come in medium to heavier weights, making it an optimal fabric for curtains or drapery. It is thick and durable, and also filters in light, with some provision of privacy. Though linen is known to wrinkle easily, it’s still an upscale choice. Keep in mind also, that linen-like fabrics or blends won’t necessarily be so quick to wrinkle. Plus, linen and linen-inspired fabrics drape amazingly, bringing a crisp, clean look in any space. Especially in white. Use them to decorate your bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms with confidence.

2. Are White Linen Curtains Practical?

Aside from their natural soft, upscale, and elegant appearance, white linen and linen-inspired curtains are still practical and more robust than they may look. Linen-like curtains, in particular, are usually easy to keep clean, and can stay crisp and new-looking for a long time to come. A linen curtain look balances nicely between being billowy and tailored, so it’s the best fabric look for both modern and traditional design motifs.

3. Do White Linen Curtains Provide Privacy at Night?

Yes, white linen curtains can offer a blackout effect, with the right lining. But, if you don’t want a total blackout, and still would like more privacy at night, avoid the blackout liner, and go with at least a privacy liner. Even with some light being able to filter in, white linen curtains can still provide a good amount of privacy.

Classic Curtains (Color: White Linen), Signature Class*

Our Classic Curtains are customer favorites. Grommet-style panel curtains to adorn your windows beautifully, and with a unique coastal touch. Coordinate and pull a stylish look together all throughout your space, at a budget-friendly price.

Sheer Linen Curtains (Color: Sheer Linen), Signature Class*

These wispy, light, affordable grommet-style panel curtains will add an airy look all by themselves, or you can combine them with other window coverings for a dimensional layering effect.

*Our Signature Class products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. They are made with durable materials. The Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond basic solution that is also affordable.

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